Goldmund Dialogue Speakers

Since obtaining these speakers I have been very surprised to learn how few people know what they are. This post is to solicit comment from anyone familiar with them. Also, I would be very happy to obtain a copy of the owner's manual if anyone has it. What modern speaker do you think is similar or comparable to the Dialogues? I'm in the boonies so it's been a while since I last heard the better modern speakers.
Very fast. Extremely efficent. Beautiful speaker. I used to own a pair. Work great with low powered SET amps. I ran mine with a pair of jadis JA-30 amps and it was incredible.
Fairly sensitive to toe in and room placement. VERY HEAVY.
No I don't sell any of the above.
Well, here you can find the superdialogue manual, not sure if it is of help. Possibly you check it over.
Goldmund is qute a name here in europe. I have pre+power amp and very very happy !!
Thanks for the guidance. Apparently the owner's manual does not contain much useful info, so you have helped me to put this curiosity to rest.
Which country do you live in? I am in the US.
What speakers are worthy of your Goldmund electronics? I use a Rowland Concentra II with my Dialogues.
TOM, I live in Italy ! I just changed my 7 years old Monitor audio 12 with a new pair or Burmester 995. Before buying this I tried many other speakers, small Avalons included. To my ears this Burmester were the most natural sounding and free from listening fatigue. If you like Goldmund also give a look at Burmester type of gears. Unfortunately they are possibly overpriced in the States while here are much cheaper stuff.
Another tip, the day you intend to change poweramp is Job audio. They supply Goldmund with their patented superfast power amp. Massively cheap! (look at the site price list) They are killer amps !I am not releted to them , in fact hate them for they supermacho approach but it seems they are able to deliver quality. In my Goldmund power amp one of the first Job circuit is included, after this quality edge Goldmund acquired Job
Take care

SOme links now:
The dialogue never came with a manual. Great speaker but surpassed by a great margin in the Goldmund Meta speakers which use the same drivers but with a far superior crossover and sloped panel. I've owned Dialogues and Super Dialogues and the Meta's are the most musical. The Rowland sounds musical on the Dialogues but is not appropriate. Although the speaker is sensitive at 96 db, the focal drivers need current to really sound right. A small Krell ksa50S or Accuphase a50V with a cat pre is the absolute best combination for these. Stay away from goldmund electronics as these speakers were designed before any Goldmund electronics were ever made.
I have had a pair for 8 years. I replaced the tweeter with the focal titanium inverted dome and it is superior to the old kevlar. I also replaced the midrange drivers with original new ones I sourced in France. I use a 19 w modified Eico HF 60 (EL 34's and Accrosound output transformers) with a Great Northern modified SP 11 (one of the best phono sections in the world now) and an Oracle Mk III with a rubey 2 . I am happy as a clam. You can find used ones cheap here if you look. The driver modification is inexpensive and you can do it yourself.
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The tweeters can be sourced with Elliot at Zylron in NYC, 516-747-3515
I currently own a pair of Goldmund Dialog speakers that I run with an Airtight ATM-2 tube amplifier. I cannot say enough about the excellent sound reproduction. Never had any problems with the connectors at the rear bottom. Not only do the speakers sound great, but look fantastic in piano black lacquer.
Without turning them on, I've received compliments on how, as black obelisks, they look like an understated work of art. Always open to any reasonable offer.