Goldmund Cones, "Best of" in their day, still useful? under what component?

I just found my "vintage" Goldmund Cones in a box full of old parts that I had forgotten about.  As far as component isolation footers, there are unit solutions some "hard isolation" and some "soft isolation" units and then a wide variety of highly-engineered compound components.  Just for the fun of it I intend to experiment with placing my old Goldmund Cones under various components.  I remember that there were strong proponents for cones under CD transports/players vs soft solutions, cheap classic be Vibrapods.  I would appreciate which component type you guys would suggest might be best served or perhaps none at all given they are all tube based: cd transport/player, phono preamp or preamp. 
The idea of cones acting as isolators has come under reconsideration. They are now considered by some engineers to be couplers, the opposite of isolators. Good for under speakers and the bases of turntables with spring suspensions, where you don’t want the springs to be used with any other form of isolation, another set of springs being the worst.
The Super DH Cones from Golden Sound are better than Goldmund cones by quite a margin so what I suggest is selling the Goldmunds and getting yourself a bunch of Supers.