Goldmund 36 vs ML 31.5 vs CEC TL1X

I'm looking for a reference transport to go with my reference Mark Levinson 30.5 dac. What i'm looking for that is extremely smooth. A transport that sounds closer to analog than digital. I have heard great things about all three of these transports. Has anybody had any experience with them? Thanks in advance.
I don't know, but who would want digital gear to sound more like digital than analog? I realize you want the opposite...don't we all? ANYWAYS, GOOD LUCK, and try to compare at least two contendors in your system, if at all possible.
Diesel, I have recently acquired a 31.5 which I am playing through a Pass Labs D-1 D/A, Pass Labs X-1 preamp and X350 amp to Avalon Eidolons. Before this I was using a ML37 with the same set-up. I can tell you that the 31.5 is outstanding in this system and I clearly heard greater "smoothness" when compared to the ML37. I am very, very satisfied with the Pass D-1 D/A also. You can buy a 31.5 for $4500 or so here, used in perfect shape. I bought mine for $4600 and was happy at that. Dealers will want $5100 or so for demos. I don't see any point in spending more, considering the engineering behind this unit. Transports and D/A's are probably the best thing ML does. With this setup I saw no need dto migrate to SACD at this time. Best Regards, [email protected]
I have a CEC TL-0, a Mimesis 39++, and the ML 31.5. Out of the three I like the CEC best. Its more musical and detailed than either the 31.5 and the Goldmund. I haven't compared the new TL-1X to either of the above, but in the past I've heard the TL-1. I remember it being musical in the way that only CECs can be. I think the CEC will be most analogue like out of your choices. The Mimesis 39++ has a great DA converter, but I'm comparing the transport section only, which I'm told is very similar sounding to the 36. You will not really go wrong with any of the above choices, all three are among the best, but for my money CEC is the winner. rgds, david k. PS. I'm using an ML 30.6 and a DCS 972/Elgar set up. The results were the same through both DACs.