goldmund 29m or gryphon antelion- tube like

which of these are more tube sounding? any opinions
as an owner of a 29m i can tell you it is tube sounding.i previously had a pair of tenor 75wi's and believe the 29m sounds very close to the tenors in the mids and highs.i cannot comment on the gryphon but i do not think there is a ss amp much better then the will not be disappointed.
I second that emotion. My 29M is definitely tube sounding yet has real immediacy and speed. Definitely the best of both worlds. No more tube headaches and maintainence for this audiophile!
I had the original 29 and found it to be supremely neutral and fast. In retrospect, it may not have had enough oomph in the lower registers. I now have the Gryphon Reference One Monos, precursor to the Antileon Signature Monos (and more expensive?), The Gryphons have a wonderfully natural sound with incredible air and depth. They also have better bass but they heat up the room like no tomorrow. Cannot go wrong with either but somehow I did feel cheated getting plastic binding posts on the Goldmund gear.