Goldman Audio....Audio Done Right

I have read numerous threads on this site about some of the negative attitudes some of us have encountered while shopping for the right piece of audio equipment. Prior to meeting Jonathan Goldman at Goldman Audio I contacted a dealer that I had made a large purchase with years ago to see if he could help me and work with me making this purchase. This is a very expensive piece of equipment that I was looking for and the first thing that dealer said to me was ; "" Are you going to buy something or just calling me for advice....I get paid for advice ''. Well needless to say I did not buy from him and probably won't call him again for anything as I have found a dealer who carries the lines of equipment that I am interested in. Goldman Audio carries an extensive array of high end equipment but is also backed by a gentleman who not only loves what he is doing loves music as well. I have met many who are there for the sale and the profit and don't give a damm about the music....I am also confident this is an audio store and an individual who is there prior to making the sale the sale, who will also be there for the service after the sale. I ended up making this large purchase with Jonathan Goldman at Goldman Audio.....
You know, normally I think these kinds of posts are thinly-veiled shills, but in this case I wholeheartedly agree.
Couldn't agree more. Jon is a gentleman in an industry that has far too few and he has a great product line. His prices are fair, service is stellar, and his knowledge of music is extensive. I have bought many products from him over the years and I will continue to do so. I just wish he had a frequent buyer club, lol!
I've had 100% great experiences with all Audiogon sellers, both private and commercial, and both of the main local high end audio dealers, so I feel very lucky. I'm not sure why either, because I ask a LOT of questions and tend toward extreme fastidiousness with respect to sonic perfectionism. I did NOT, however, listen to a product in their store and then try to find the same thing cheaper on the internet, UNLESS it was a second hand unit from a private seller, and I even that was done only once, AND the one I bought was an earlier version, a discontinued and no longer available model.

Great experiences with dealers:

Planet Audio/Video (Steve)
Reference Audio Video (Duane)

Great experience with internet sellers:

Audioparts (Stu Wein)
Odyssey Audio (Klaus Bunge)
Porterhouse Audio (Albert Porter)
Signal Cable (Frank)

Great over the phone information and advice from two people whom I consider to be geniuses:

Ralph Dodson of Dodson Audio
Dale Pitcher of Intuitive Design

All of the above have been wonderfully "instrumental" in helping to assemble my current system, especially Steve, Klaus and Duane in terms of advice. Warm thanks to all.
I visited John once a few years ago, invetigating a pair of used Virgos he had. I didn't buy them, but he seemed like a decent guy. At that time, he was demoing stuff in a long narrow living room. I think he was working on a sound room in his basement and maybe one upstairs. Has he got those working?

New England is fortunate to have a couple good dealers - Malcom and Paul at Goodwin's High End are a pleasure to work with, as are the folks at Sound Images in Westport, MA.