Does anyone know the whereabouts, phone number, website, etc. for Golden Tube amplifiers? I need a schematic diagram. Thanx.
The phone number I have is 510 887 8016. The web page has been down for many months. The phone number rings a fast busy signal. Either they are mooving and didn't tell anybody or they have closed up shop. Word out on the street is they went out of buisness on the 28 of July. I don't know if it is true.
I've resently heard that Golden Tube/Solo Electronic has gone out of business. I'm not 100% sure that it's true though. The phone number for Golden Tube on my SE-40 manual is (510)887-8016. There is a Golden Tube discussion group on the net. I think the address is [email protected], maybe someone on the list has a schematic. Good Luck.
I have come to find out that Golden Tube is out of business. I have a friend in the High End audio business and he maintains that Golden Tube does not respond to customers or dealers. I will be happy to share any farther information (i.e. "Where can I get my amp repaired") as soon as I find it.
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