Goldenear triton replacements

Looking for new speakers that are similar to goldenear tritons in terms of highs and mids but have tighter and faster bass than the powered subwoofer that come in the tritons, thanks
Call us we sell golden ear legacy atc and paradigm

Dave and troy
Audio intellect nj

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Looking for something without a built in powered subwoofer, not really a fan of it, like fast tighter bass even if it's not as full sounding
You are going to lose some depth in the bass for sure without the powered subs. 
In that price range I think used Revel 208s or new 206 are worth looking at. Kef R5 or used R7 would be another one. I prefer the revels over the Kefs for a more integrated natural sound. 
B&W lower models are under-performers imo. I have owned the 703s a long time ago and would not recommend them.  
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GE Triton Reference speakers.  Bass is much, much better and much more defined and articulate.  You have the least expensive GE powered speakers, there is no comparison between the 3+ and the Triton Reference. 
I've heard them at my local dealer but unfortunately they're out of my price range, I normally buy used and got a great deal on the 3+ speakers

Acoustic energy 500 series. 
  Vienna acoustics make very good speakers. 
 A ton of options  for you

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For 3k Tekton DIs I thought had better faster bass (especially mid bass) than Triton Ones and did everything else better as well. 
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if you want to look through my past posts you will see that I did have Triton Ones and liked them quite a bit. Also you will see I preferred the Tekton DIs. Who’s whining???? Lol lol lol 

i deem it ok to say any damn thing I please. 
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I don’t get it. Guy asked for suggestions, said didn’t want a powered bass section. I gave a suggestion based on 2 speakers I know very well. One being the Triton Ones. What’s funny? 
You would see if you read my previous posts I tried them with tubes, class d, high current ab, tube preamp with ss amp etc. 

Got some kinda problem ml8764ag? 
I think your the one runnin your mouth there chief. I’ve never once sent anything to the mods. I’m not fragile. 
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I didn’t see where the OP said he had the Triton 3s before I made that comment just that he had powered Tritons. My mistake. So now I’ve made a suggestion based on actual experience and your still acting like a little sissy. I don’t think my comment was that big a deal then you came back with “shut your mouth”. 
Anyway done with you. 
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