GoldenEar Triton Reference for a large room...

Hi All:

i'm moving into an apartment with a large living room and am considering the GoldenEar Triton Reference speakers.

the issue with the large room (34 ft x 24 ft) is that there is a connected dining room nearby, and it is essentially open to each other, no doors, merely separated by one fireplace, so the bass will "leak" over to the dining room.  furthermore, the dining room has a wide hallway that leads to the kitchen, and there is also no doorway separating the dining room and the kitchen.

with all these connected spaces, my concern is that the bass would be lost or somehow discounted to a degree.  with that in mind, i am thinking of getting the References rather than the GoldenEar 1.R model, as the References have more robust bass drivers.

may i please ask the good folks here for thoughts, ideas, comments?

thank you in advance.


a follow up question please:

i've essentially decided that i'll get the GoldenEar Triton Reference speakers for my front left and front right speakers.

for my center channel, GoldenEar has 3 options: X, XL, or Reference center.

i'm using an Ultra Short Throw projector, the Hisense 120" L9G, so the projector is quite some distance from the wall, but close to the floor (i.e. low), which means the center channel needs to be BELOW the Hisense projector.

The Hisense L9G ultra short throw projector is around 24" wide, so the Reference center at 35" is much wider in size than the Hisense projector. Please note that the Hisense is on the top shelf, with the center BELOW the Hisense. This floorstanding stand will have to be custom made.

considering that the Reference center at 35" is SO much wider than the Hisense projector (at 24" wide), i am thinking of getting the middle size center from GoldenEar, their "XL" center, which is 29" wide, which is merely 2 1/2" wider on either side of the projector. that means the stand would only have to be around 5" wider than a stand made for the projector-only, not that much wider.

may i ask if anyone has experience with these centers please? am i giving up that much by not getting the Reference center and just getting the "XL" center please?

thank you.

If I could find a pair of preowned Reference I would buy them.  Not interested in paying the full 11k retail price.  

@seanile31, I got lucky. I bought mine when they were first coming out. I ordered from the dealer and it was a 6 month wait. The retail was $8500.00 but I got a $500.00 discount down to $8000.00. I am ecstatic they jumped $3K in price, makes them more valuable.