Goldenear Triton One upgrade?

Currently have Goldenear Triton Ones fed by Cary vacuum tube preamp / Pass Labs solid state power amps. Room is 25x15x9 feet, open on one long side.
Does anyone have direct experience comparing the Triton One to the Triton One.R? It would cost about $2500 to upgrade. Is there a significant sonic benefit?
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Cakids here is our take on the subject.

We have been fascinated with Golden Ear for years, the concept of having a built in and adjustable subwoofer system especially for a Home Theater is a very appealing concept.

So for years we wanted to sell the brand but not for music listening mostly for our Home Theater clients.

We heard the original Triton 1s at a few dealers and despite the fantastic press, we always found the speakers to have a few issues, the bass tended to over power the midrange, which sounded distinctly recessed also the high end never seemed to integrate.

On a few demos the top end was too much on others the top end was a bit too rolled sounding.

Fast forward to the Tritron Reference which we heard at the New York Audio show, here with an inexpensive Peach Tree intergrated was a speaker that sounded was better than the other Tritons.

Then at the recent Axpona show we heard the Triton 1R with a simple system of a Prima Luma intergrated amplifier and a CD player and it was a shocker.

The speakers for the first time that we heard them totally disapeared, the bass was integrated, the top end was cohesive and the midrange was fully integrate neither too warm or too bright totally natural.

No matter what music Sandy was demoing the speakers sounded fantastic, in fact after walking the entire show for three days, one of the demos that stood out was how remarkable the Triton 1R were even compared to way more expensive demo rooms.

We signed up with Golden Ear right after the show. After living with the Triton 1R’s for a few months they are one of our favorite speakers and are a screaming buy for the sound quality, and understand we sell some of the best loudspeaker brands out there, Kef, Dali, Legacy, Paradigm, ATC, Quad.

So the question if you can trade in your speakers and only have to add $2,500.00 is there any better upgrade, after living with the Trition 1R we would say no.

Although on the surface the speakers seem similar the parts are totally different and were designed for the Reference versions.

The Trition 1R are a fantastic loudspeaker and are probably the deal of the century for the amazing sound quality they produce.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Golden Ear dealers
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i am intererest in dis Ghost speaker
Caspar is located where? in USA?
Trudat that was very entertaining

We do have tons of great gear thanks for noticing. 

We have PSB, Kef, Quad, Dali, Golden Ear, Paradigm while many stores have only 1 or 2 lines. 

Troy is real we can post a photo of him if you like.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
The Amp section in these subs are failing just like the Def Tech