Goldenear Triton 1 vs Goldenear reference speakers.

Has anyone heard the new Goldenear Reference speakers? Can you compare them to the Triton 1's?
The Reference are not available yet.  They will not start shipping until late April or early May.  This is straight from Sandy Gross.
Thanks, didn't know that!

Anyone heard them in person yet? Compare to Triton 1's?

As of this writing, shipment to US dealers is from KY warehouse in mid July
They can't come soon enough.  The anxiety and anticipation is starting to wear me down.
I'm coming over for a listen, Bob!!

"I'm coming over for a listen, Bob!!"

Great.  I was told today most likely the third week in July.  I can only hope.

What's the retail price for the pair of Reference?

What's the retail price for the pair of Reference?

$8500 / pair
Finally a GE speaker that looks as great as it sounds. That was one sock worth losing.