Goldenear Triton 1 vs Goldenear reference speakers.

Has anyone heard the new Goldenear Reference speakers? Can you compare them to the Triton 1's?
The Reference are not available yet.  They will not start shipping until late April or early May.  This is straight from Sandy Gross.
As of this writing, shipment to US dealers is from KY warehouse in mid July
They can't come soon enough.  The anxiety and anticipation is starting to wear me down.

"I'm coming over for a listen, Bob!!"

Great.  I was told today most likely the third week in July.  I can only hope.

Finally a GE speaker that looks as great as it sounds. That was one sock worth losing.

As of this writing, I have reason to believe:

"First containers are on schedule and due in our warehouse mid to late next week!!"
Sandy from GE told me the speakers will arrive in their warehouse by July 10th at the latest

I'm told Golden Ear is shipping the Triton Reference to dealers today!

My salesman called GE today and spoke with Sandy, the man himself and was told my speakers should arrive at the dealer on July 16-17th.  The dealer will deliver to me that day or the next.  While I wish it were sooner, the end is near.

I guess I'm slightly more fortunate in that my dealer is slated to receive them Monday 7/10. I have verified that to the extent it is verifiable with Golden Ear and perhaps more importantly at this point, fedex tracking. I remain hopeful to have them the evening of 7/10.

Not sure how your speakers to your particular dealer are being shipped, but from what I understand GET only ships via fedex or ADL. Either way you can get a tracking number. :)

And while the end of receiving our long awaited speakers is near, the beginning of what I anticipate will be years of enjoyment is beginning!


I talked to the dealer again tonight and they are coming FedEx.  Sandy told them they are sending them out in batches and that's when mine would be coming.  He will send me the FedEx tracking as soon as he gets it.  Lucky you, you are getting them first.  Can't wait to hear your impressions.

Nobody get their reference's yet?

Hello Everyone! Yes, I have received, setup, and am in process of listening to them! :)

Suffice it to say they can be thought of as the Triton One on steroids! All is "well". Yes, I shall post a review. Please bear with me as it has been a long past few days. Also, I have recently talked to Sandy Gross of Golden Ear and out of courtesy I would like to submit my review to him first. My review is already 3000 words and climbing, so at some point I need to give it a rest. Sandy suggests to forgo posting/writing any review until the speakers are "broken-in", citing that professional reviewers do the same. I think something of a compromise in that respect is in order, especially because my review is primarily subjective (i.e. without real measurement instrumentation, etc.).

Thank you for your patience. Here is an updated photo of my gear firing on all cylinders. Triton Reference and recently acquired Oppo UDP-205.

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