GoldenEar Releases Triton 2+ and Triton 3+ Revisions

Fellow Audiogoners: be guided accordingly!!

Tell us about your title of this thread,  what say you, lol
Why don't you just say what you mean?  They came out with a refreshed pair of 2 and 3.  The two has been around 5 years and the three for almost that.  I'm slightly annoyed that I took delivery of a new pair of Triton twos on Dec 23, 2015 and paid retail.  Had I known the + version was coming out, I would have negotiated either a lower price, or waited a couple more months for the +.  According to GE, they tuned the speakers to sound more like the Triton 1 (which I have in my main system).  To me, that would have been a worthwhile improvment and certainly worth the 500.00 extra the + will cost.