Golden Tube SE40 : pwr led & input tubes kaput

I was wondering if any other Golden Tube SE40 owners have had this same problem and if you have had any luck getting it repaired. When you power up the amp the six power tubes light up but the two input tubes and the power led don't. Obviously a power supply problem of some sort. With Golden Tube out of business its impossible to get schematics. Any help with this problem would be appreciated. Maybe a tech in the Tampa,St Pete Fl area. I hate to get stuck with a 45lb doorstop. Thanks
Check first for some loose connections or weak solder joint. Similar thing happened with my SFC-1, where i had to take cover off, and while amp on tried to locate loose connection. I found one and since then i am OK. However, Sonic Frontiers is almost as helpful as Golden Tube, except i hurried and ordered schematics for my amp while the company is still 'pretending' to exist. Good Luck!
Run a search on audioasylum tube forum. I recall a thread on this a while ago and it did not appear to be a major repair for a technician experienced with tubes. There used to be a useful listbot email thread going, but that is no more.
I believe I found the answer on audio asylum's tube forum. Apparently this is a fairly common problem for SE40's. The bridge rectifier D9 has to be replaced. When it fails it shuts down the DC power to to the two 6SN7 heaters and the led on the front panel. There is also a new Golden Tube Audio support site on Yahoo.
You can also find the elusive schematic for the SE40 on this site.Yahoo!!!!!!