GOLDEN TUBE SE-40 schematic

PLEASE: Does anyone have a schematic for the Golden Tube SE-40 ( preferably the SE-40 SE if in fact the schematic for this version exists )The company is out of business and the owner,I'm told, cannot be contacted. Many Thanks .
I did my best at my fav spots for schems and came up w/ only one golden tube and it wasn't yours.

Good luck.
Martin Mcguire works for Soundtechnologies. His company does repair work on Golden Tube. Phone # 408-356-3333 Website .

Centasound International Inc., PO Box 210337, San Francisco CA 94121 Tel: (415) 668-9003 or Fax: (415) 668-9638.

another source for Golden Tube repairs in Peoria, Illinois: "Electronics Diversified" (309) 688-2444. Really small shop but great staff; they have a tube specialist who can fix GTA equipment. Owner's name is Don Gort...ask for him.