Golden Tube SE 40 Hiss and Pop problem - Thoughts?

My golden tube se40 is hissing and popping from one channel, and it's getting worse. Anything come to mind?

I know this is a badly designed amp, but I like the sound, just hate the reliability.

For some reason, I'm thinking this was indicative of caps or resistors, forget which. If it was just a tube, I'd be very happy, and need to dianose that.


Have you tried reversing the tubes, channel to channel and see if the sound follows the tubes? If not, do so first. If that fails my guess would be a cap but you're going to need a techie to fix it.
It absolutely sounds like a failing tube. Either do as Newbee has suggested or drop in replacements if you have them. It's always a good idea with a tube amp to have a set of backup output tubes around, since tubes always seem to go bad on weekends when you can't do much about it! Anyway don't freak out, it's all in the care and feeding of a tube amp!
Thanks guys.

I'll swich channels on the tubes. I agree it's good to have some extras around, which I don't.
If you get stuck on trouble shooting your GT there is a group dedicated to GT:

Some very knowledgeable people there.


Thanks, Diamondsouled. I know there was a group out there but I forgot where. I look forward to checking it out when I have some more time.


Check tube sockets! The GTA SE-40 did not have the best tube sockets. With the amp cold, take out the tubes for the channel making the noise one by one and reinsert, as to not change the placement or order of the tubes.

Frequently it's the 6SN7GT input tubes that are the culprits. Sometimes tubes will "walk" slightly within the sockets as they heat up and expand, then cool and contract.