GOlden Tube Problems

I have a se40, I recently retubed and biased it but when I plug it in I get a horrible sound through my speakers even without a pre hooked to it, I am using svetlana 6L6GC power tubes (the stock were 5881) and nos 6sn7's, Please Help
Go to [email protected] It is an unoffical mailing list for Golden Tube products. There is a lot of information there about SE-40s. Check the recent archives there has been lot of talk about the Svetlana tubes lately.
Are you sure you biased the tubes correctly. I think they should be set to 640 mV. I have 6L6 in my Golden Tube and I actually had to add a resistor in the bias circuit to get the tubes to bias correctly. But my SE40's are an older model, so this "oversight" might have been corrected in newer product runs. - Dan