Golden Tube: need Schematic & Parts.Help

I have a Golden Tube Sep1-se preamp that has gone kaput. My tech says it needs a new power transformer. He said if he had a schematic it would help for a possible replacement. Can anyone help with a source of parts, replacement transformer, and schematic. Thanks. Jeff
Well seeing as Golden Tube has disappeared from the face of the earth you might want to try the "unofficial" golden tube mailing list at Maybe someone that list could point you at a supplier. Also there is the possibility of buying a used SEP here and cannibalizing it for parts. Just a thought. Good luck.
There is a guy named Martin Mcguire that works for Soundtechnologies that is probably your man. His company does repair work on Golden Tube stuff. Here's the info.... Phone # 408-356-3333 Website
Finfinder. I already tried Mark mcGuire. He wasn't able to help. I will try listbot. Thanks Dan and Finfinder
Have you tried Centasound International Inc., PO Box 210337, San Francisco CA 94121 Tel: (415) 668-9003 or Fax: (415) 668-9638
hi iam looking for same..
How about
Try Jeff Glowacki at Soniccraft. He just helped to upgrade/enhance my Golden Tube Se-40 amp.
Sonic Craft..... dey da man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please Help need schematic for golden tube se300b se or se 300b amp.