Golden Tube Audio SEP-1

I had picked up a GTA SEP-1 used from a dealer about 5 months ago. For the most part it was my play into the world of tube pre's as I used to be an all HT person and then made a starter 2 channel system using all solid state.

I do enjoy this pre, however it does lack in bass to me. I have to question though, what are some peoples opinions on getting this piece modded?

I know of a place that has done mods on this same pre before, such as placing a battery on the tube for bias, PS caps were changed, the volume control was changed to a stepped att. type. ect ect.

Would it even be worth the time to mod a piece like this? It was fairly cheap IMO and the mods supposedly do help the bass issue, however I didn't know if it would be better just to scrap that and buy a better tubed pre.

In the future this pre would then go into a 2nd system or serve as a back up as I have plans for a better 2 channel system in the spring time. I currently enjoy it now for the most part, but didn't want to waste money doing mods that I would be better served with a different piece.
Check all your grounds first. GTA pres' were know to have a problem
check with Soniccraft. They have a kit available for upgrading the Golden Tube Integrated. Jeff is supposed to be experienced with their products. It would be worth giving him a call or sending him an email.
My suggestion is that before you call Soniccraft you see look at the Yahoo Group golden_tube

You will probably have to join first. Look at all of the messages from a guy named Loc Vu - he's a Golden Tube guru and will either help you to upgrade the unit or you can ship the box to him for work.

To answer your second question - is the SEP-1 worth it? Golden Tube Audio products have an almost cult-like following. It seems that the company had pretty good designs that were compramised by less-than-stellar parts and spotty build quality. I own an SE-40 SET amp that I use in my office. Is it the best amp I own? No. But it is very enjoyable nonetheless and was a great value for the money I paid for it. I have performed some minor upgrades as described by Loc Vu and others, and there has been a remarkable improvement over the stock sound.
Thanks for the info. I will check out that group and see what they recommend!
Hello, where can I obtain the Sep-1 schematics for purchase, my tech is not able to locate them for repairing my Sep-1. Thank you