Golden Tube Audio SE 40

I'm looking for someone to repair/upgrade a pair of SE 40's that have stopped working, input tubes don't light but output tubes still do. No sound from either of them. I had been using them in mono to drive the top end of my Snell's. I live in Reading, PA and work in Philadelphia. Any help will be appreciated.

Jeff at Sonic Craft did a great job on mine. I did the SE40BB ugrade ($100 plus $70 labor) after I had blown a resistor. That was seven months ago and the amp is still going strong. Jeff had me extract the circuit board and send it to him. He returned it within two weeks. Highly recommended. Here is the URL:

Good luck.
Check with Joe LaLiberte @

He mentioned to me on previous occasions that he had developed a bunch of mods/improvements/upgrades for this amp, since he had them in for repair so often. (he's quite competent at just stock repairs too). They are in NH.

There is a Golden Tube owners group on Yahoo. Very active group with extensive archives.