Golden Tube Audio Repair

Does anyone know where I can send a Golden Tube preamp and SE40 amplifier for repair? I'll appreciate any information. Thanks.
AMBROSIA Audio & Video, 2337 Roscomore Rd., #6, Los Angeles, CA 90077-1851 / Phone: (310) 440-5522 / Email: will be able to help you. Ask for David. I jut got my GTA SEP-1 preamp serviced by them. It took a long time, but they did a good job. Good luck!
This info has been posted multiple times: the forum search engine would have found this for you:

Martin Mcguire works for Soundtechnologies. His company does repair work on Golden Tube. Phone # 408-356-3333 Website .

Centasound International Inc., PO Box 210337, San Francisco CA 94121 Tel: (415) 668-9003 or Fax: (415) 668-9638.

another source for Golden Tube repairs in Peoria, Illinois: "Electronics Diversified" (309) 688-2444. Really small shop but great staff; they have a tube specialist who can fix GTA equipment. Owner's name is Don Gort...ask for him.
There is a Golden Tube owners site on Yahoo now with lots of good info on Golden Tube products.
They also have the hard to find SE40 schematic on file.