Golden Theater GTX-1 Who has experience

HI, I'm interested in this Pre/Pro but have no local dealer. What I've seen at the website, although limited, looks pretty good. So I ask you all, what do you think?
You should read the AudioReview posting of this preamp. There are 27 reviews, averaging 3.93 out of 5. I would agree with much of the reviews, if you can get is set up, don't mind the swiching between and a reset on the back, it does sound VERY nice. I have compared it to the Lexicon and McIntosh. Good luck.
I was told about the GTX-1 from someone I sold speakers to just in talking about audio/video. He had the GTX-1 and I could not belieave the value for having the latest technology. I immediately searched for it used and bought it for $1400. Since I did not want to spend $5000 on the Krell HTS and to enjoy it now is a deal. It does sound great for the money but a little brightish at times, but otherwise very acurate. My only complaint would be only 1 sub out- some have stereo sub outs.
Hi This unit is a little dated now and I think there are severall other choices that may be better The Chiro C-802,Anthems new AVM2 (Sonic Frontier) at a little less price point Even a Sony TAES9000 or Sherwood NewCastle 9080<--- this is a great preamp for the $$ and offers a direct pass through.This is just my opinion so GTX owners I mean no offence Cheers RLA
IMO, the GTX-1 might be a little buggy but not dated. From the reviews I have read and the GTX-1 owners I have spoken to, it exceeds the Chiro, Sony and definitely the Sherwood which doesn't even offer auto switching for surround modes. Didn't it just come out in '99? Anyway both Solo Electronics (GTX-1) and Kinergetics (Chiro) are belly up now so there is no support for these units. Jeff