Golden Reference VS Golden Cross

Have pretty much come to conclusion that one of the above is going to be the right speaker wire for my system---CJ 250 S Amp, CT 5 Pre, and Vandersteen Quatros---

I am one who really likes warmth and detail---hates brittle trebles in anything; listen to Rock, Jazz, Blues--extensive vinyl collection---not sure of the defining experience and or difference of the two Cardas products above with equipment I am running and hoping to make the right decision.

Welcome feedback as to other experience with Ref and Cross with the above----thanks-
The golden ref and the cross have a similar sonic signature, the ref is just all around better.

You might also consider the Neutral Ref. It's a little more, well neutral, without any brightness or harshness.

I use neutral ref.
I have worked my way through the Cardas line with Neutral, Presence, GR, and now finally Clear. I think any one of the cables would be great. The thing that keeps me comming back to Cardas is the organic quality of the sound from any of the products.

With your equipment and speakers I would go with GR speaker cables and interconnects. If you find you need a fuller sound you can add a pair of Golden Cross interconnects.

By the way give them ample time to settle in before you make a judgement.
There are three of us in the area who use GR speaker cables and we all have quite different systems: mine is Gamut speakers with Audia pre and CJ 350, another is Wilson Sasha with Lamm electronics, the third is AvauntGuard Horns with BAT pre and custom tube amps. As the previous poster implied, listen to them for a while; they are not as impressive on first hearing as some that, to my ear, have an exagerated top or mid but the longer you listen to them the more you will like them. Very natural sound.
Not trying to hijack this thread, but since you are discussing GC & GR speaker cable, can someone tell me what the difference sonicaly are between the GC & GR Interconnects.
GC warmer and fuller in the mid bass but with outanding wide deep soundstage. GR still warm but a bit tighter in the mid and low bass. Both extremely organic and rich pallette of sound.
Is the top end rolled off or dynamic and extened on th GC ?