Golden Ear Triton One vs Mythos ST-L Supertowers

At face value these two are essentially identical. Or are they? I'm considering one or the other and would appreciate the candid feedback of others. I've listened to the Golden Ears, but not the Mythos. Thanks.
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Would love to hear comments as well.
Triton Ones= much improved bass and smoother treble. Mythos=good bass but not outstanding and highs that bothered my ears. I bought the Triton Ones.
Thanks Stereo5. I'm leaning that way myself. Assuming you've had the T1s for at least 6 months, any "issues" (good or bad) with them you are aware of and can share?
"At face value these two are essentially identical."

What would lead you to believe that?
Zd542, price, size, specs on paper, same principal owner. Hence I state "at face value".
I see what you mean, but one speaker has a ribbon tweeter, and the other is aluminum. For me, at least, that's a very big difference. But I'm very picky when it comes to high frequencies.

I'm not sure if I'm right on this, but it makes sense. Def-Tek is known to be more of a HT speaker than music. Since its the same owner, Golden Ear may be designed as a music first speaker, in an attempt to gain that segment of the market. If that's the case, I would expect the bass on the Golden Ear to be very different. Def-Tek is loud and "boomy" in the bass. Most audiophiles don't care for that and want something more controlled and musical.


No negatives on the Triton 1's.  Only positives.  They put a smile on my face everytime I listen to them.  Bass is TO DIE for, mids and highs are just right, perfectly balanced with the bass.  This is the first set of speakers I have bought where I didn't have to second guess or have buyers remorse.  I am planning on buying another pair of Triton Ones or Triton twos for my secondary system, probably in Jan-Feb 2016.

Stereo 5, I couldn't agree with you more. I just bought a pair and had them hooked up for a week or so now, They are phenomenal in every way.  
Glad you are enjoying them.  I am amazed every time I turn my system on.
Have not heard the Mythos, but did audition the Triton 1.  I was surprised and impressed.  Surprised because I was not expecting the quality of sound that was coming from these speakers.  The amount of bass can be controlled (a knob in the rear) to blend to your individual taste or room acoustics.  The mids were detailed and the highs were nicely extended and not harsh. Impressed because it gave you sound that you would expect from a much more expensive speaker.  I personally thought they could have paid more attention to its' design.  But that would involve a higher price tag.  With the equipment,  I think you would be very happy. Money well spent if you make the purchase.
In my opinion the mythos st-l are not even the equal of the mythos st they replaced.  Treble on the new models is quite hot, and the bass can be tricky to balance between too boomy and too absent.  Tried the st-l at home, at the urging of the dealer, and could not get them back to the dealer fast enough.  Owned the original Mythos st for a spell, and they were far more top to bottom complete sounding.

Can't speak for the Triton 1, but I have yet to hear a bad thing about them.  But, even without hearing them, I'd definitely point you in that direction, simply because the st-l, for me, was a headache inducing experience.