Golden Ear Triton 3 vs. Magnepan 1.7's

Both speakers are around $2000. These are the two that I am considering buying, but I haven't decided on which ones to get. My amps are Quicksilver V4 mono blocks that are rated at about 135 tube watts per channel. I'd be interested to hear what you have to say. Which ones would you get and why? Thank you
You have the right amps. The V-4's are outstanding. I had the 1.7's and didn't care for them. I haven't heard the Golden Ear, but peoples comments are always very positive regarding those. 2 speakers that I do know very well, Vandersteen Model 2's and ProAc Response 2.5's, both sound very good with the V-4's. There's plenty of good choices in your price range and your amps have enough power to drive most of them.
I heard the Golden Ears. I bought Maggies.
What are you looking for? Your V4s are more than capable of driving the 1.7s. I used to own the 1.6s driven by TIA 3012 and the 100 WPC were more than enough to drive these blood sucking beauties. That said, the Maggie's are great for certain kind of music, not for classic rock.

I was always missing "something" when listening to classic rock with the Maggie's, until I found the Triton 7s! In my honest opinion, the 7s are MUCH better than the 3s. Let me explain:

In the 3s, there is one of the same 4.5" high-definition spider-leg drivers as used in the Triton Two, along with the high velocity folded ribbon tweeter.

The 7 combines a DÂ’Appolito array of two newly developed 5-1/4" midrange/bass drivers specifically designed for exceptionally long-throw surrounded by the same high velocity folded ribbon tweeter.

They sounded quite different when I auditioned both them at the Sound Component store in South Miami. As good as the 3s sounded, the 7s blew them away producing far better detailed/richer sound, with surprisignly deep, tuneful bass.

Not trying to persuade you otherwise but please give the 7s a try if you are thinking about buying Triton's. In terms of sheer musicality, the 7s are the BEST! Not to mention the fact that you may save $600.00.

Listening to Paul Simon's "There goes rhythm' Simon" through my 7s as I type this.

Good luck and happy listening!