Golden Ear Triton 1R break in and new footers

We just became Golden Ear dealers after hearing them sound amazing at Axpona.

The Triton 1R seems to be an utterly amazing value, and they seem to improve right out of the box.

We are going to add a full set of Isoacoustics footers on them, have other people done this?

Any ideas on how many real hours they need to break in for?

What other speakers were people auditioning before going for them?

Our initial impression is they are a zillion times better than the original Trition 1 which seemed to sound either boomy or tizzy, are people's reactions that the newer reference speakers are dramatically improved over the original products?

To our ears the new Trition 1R's seem to be magical especially for the price what are other peoples opinions on them?

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ new Golden Ear dealers

I have Triton References for a few months now. They seem to be improving with time although they were great from day one. I am interested in your future opinion of footers. I currently have them flat on my hardwood floors. I have them 7 feet apart instead of the 9 feet that Sandy Gross recommends. I was towing them in like he recommends but found that i like them firing straight ahead. Looking forward to any and all comments.