Golden Ear Triton 1 what front ends match well

I bought a pair of these about 2 weeks ago and now have about 50 hours on them. Curently pairing with a Cayin 265ai which is a 40W class A chinese integrated I paid about $600 for in Shanghai. I think it sounds amazing, better in fact than the huge mono block Mcintosh system I demoed them on. Am I crazy? I would love to demo some higher end amplifiers in my home with these to see. With the Cayin they are so damn explosive at times it is scary and very fleshed out. BUT always curious about going to the next level. Would love to try some other options and looking for suggestions.
I also have a NAD D3020 I swap to for kicks. Sounds nice at low-mid volumes. Just ordered the newer Sony ES integrated to match with my HAP so we'll see about that soon. Yes we will. If I dig it, the Cronus is going on the block, as decided to go matchy matchy.
Thanks Scott. Let me know how that new Sony works out. That's one I have been eyeing.
Mofojo, do you run a subwoofer with your triton ones? How is the speed, accuracy and bass in the speakers sound compared to a sub? I recently sold my sub(SVS PB13 Ultra) I had with my Casta Model D8's(recently sold) and purchased Casta Model C's. These C's have one 2" horn tweeter , one 17" horn midrange and a 15" bass driver in each. So these go pretty low. Basically replaced the sub. Curious on your impressions of your powered subs built in to your speakers.
Nobody in their right mind would add subs to the Triton One, unless they're powering lappers in a strip club. The T1s can break windows if you're not careful.
I do have a JL F113 sub that I sometimes turn on for movies. Thinking of selling it as i don't think even then it adds too much. Tritons bass is very tight and deep after the passive radiators break in. Give them 60-100 hours before making any opinions on them. I left them on fairly loud over a 3 day weekend when we went on a trip. When I got back home they were good to go. The sub in the Triton is just integrated beautifully with the rest of the spectrum once you get the level set. Much better integration than I have been able to achieve blending in subs. I find myself turning them down more as they break in. The great thing though is if you feel like having some drinks and being pummelled with bass you can turn the subs up a notch and they don't muddle up the midrange.
Howdy Mofojo -
My new Sony ES amp is now a day old. So far so good. Will write more about it later in a separate thread, after I've had it awhile. I can tell I dig it enough to part with my CroMag. Although, that's on the block as I'm moving to NC where it's too hot for tubes.

Meanwhile, today I went to Schmitt's house here in Mpls and picked up 20ft speaker cables and xlr ICs. He's a mad scientist type. Gear everywhere. His handmade stuff is here on agon.

Lots of new gear last 24 hours!
You're going to love the Sony - I do. It's a keeper and you'd have to spend ALOT more to better it.
Btw, I'm next door in ND.
Scott, How are you liking your Sony? How does it compare to others you have had? Same question for you Mr Bill.
Well I think this Sony amp is a sleeper. The specs are pure simplicity. Nothing extra in the way of the sound. It's also an 'intelligent' amp. Has features both inside (e.g., real-time bias) and outside (e.g., UX stuff, best binding posts in the history of binding posts) that I've never enjoyed prior.

And at $2k it's a ridiculous deal. The matching server gets all the ink but this amp, I'm telling ya...