Golden ear triton 1 vs tekton double impact speakers

With so much positive information about both do you have a preference? Have you heard both?
I don't have a dog in the fight. I have heard Trition 1s with a modest quad integrated amp and pretty nice Ayre separates. Not even close to bright or shy bass. In fact I thought it had a very smooth top end and amazing bass. 

I am very sensitive to hot or bright treble. I use Vienna Acoustics Mozart Grands if that tells you anything.

Never heard the Double Impacts if they are at the same level or better than the Trition's I would say they are a pretty amazing speaker.
I have to say I think the GE sensitivity is deceiving. I found they were waay better with a high current ss amp. They sounded good with tubes but lost lots of impact. The class D amps that power the woofers take on the characteristics of the amp to match the mids and highs which makes sense. 
The DIs despite their 4 ohm rating do much better with tubes IMO. Maybe a flatter impedance curve? Not sure. At the end of the day I found the best combo with both speakers is a tube pre with ss amp. 
I've never heard the Tekton DIs  so I have no opinion on them.  Would be interested to hear a pair some day.

Like Darkstar1, I'm very sensitive to brightness - particularly on massed strings. A hard, bright treble will send me screaming from the room. (Previous speakers over the years include various Maggies, Alons and Nolas with mostly Cary and Herron electronics.)

The spouse and I auditioned a boatload of speakers over the past few months and heard several Golden Ear Triton models powered by a variety of ss and tube amps.

The one thing *none* of the Tritons were was "bright". I would characterize the GE house sound as smooth and non-fatiguing, just slightly sweet in the mids and with open, extended treble and ample bass. The latter is adjustable depending on associated gear and room acoustics as well as personal preference. The Tritons are also remarkably coherent top to bottom. (I, a singer and former organist, and the spousal unit, a retired symphony musician, are quite the sticklers on this.) I thought the sound staging and imaging quite fine as well: as a bonus for us, since we often listen together, the sweet spot is fairly wide and room placement is not difficult. As you go up the Triton line, you get more of everything - neutrality, transparency, deeper bass, greater impact etc etc. But to my ears the speakers all bear a strong family resemblance - I heard no brightness in any of them. I look forward with interest to hearing the new GE Reference speaker when it hits dealers.

The GE line wasn't originally on our radar. (I'm skeptical of speakers du jour.) Along with reviews, what steered us towards them was our fondness for ribbon tweeters and the recommendation of a former symphony colleague who now owns a high end AV studio. After listening for ourselves, we like the GEs so much, and feel they offer so much value for the $$$, we plan to buy the 2+ or 3+ when our ship comes in this August. They tick all the right boxes for us. We plan to drive them with a ss integrated, not tubes, but I know people who are very happy with their Triton Ones and Twos mated with tube or hybrid integrateds from Rogue, Prima Luna, Vincent and Line Magnetic. 

As always, YMMV.
Never heard of di  but i have an tekton enzo xl for the price i paid this speaker is a champion when it comes to details and clarity the trumpet sounds like real trumpet not like toy you can almost hear if the snare drum is metal or wood or thick drum head or thin head. I can write more but u got the point.