Golden Ear Triton 1 Amplifier suggestions

I bought a pair of these about 2 weeks ago and now have about 50 hours on them. Curently pairing with a Cayin 265ai which is a 40W class A chinese integrated I paid about $600 for in Shanghai. I think it sounds amazing, better in fact than the huge mono block Mcintosh system I demoed them on. Am I crazy? I would love to demo some higher end amplifiers in my home with these to see. With the Cayin they are so damn explosive at times it is scary. Also fleshed out and detailed. BUT always curious about going to the next level. Would love to try some other options and looking for suggestions.
I use a Audible Illusions Modulus 3B all tube preamp with a Odyssey Stratos Extreme+++ Power amp. It is connected to my Triton One speakers via Groneberg Quattro Reference speaker cables and interconnects. They really will bloom around the 200 hour mark. In the first few days, the ribbon tweeter sounded a little bright, but they settled in nicely at 60 hours and really smoothed out and bloomed around 200 hours. Any music I play through the system now puts a smile on my face.
I am asking for suggestions about what would pair great with the speakers. If there was a dealer within a reasonable distance I would ask them for an in home demo. If I liked it enough I would buy it. Pretty standard practice for pricey electronics right?
Did you get a new amp? I have myself in the last month, the Sony to matchy matchy with their server. Tickled pink.
I just heard the Two+s with a Rogue Cronus...sounded great. I'm getting Ones which I will run with my Anthem 225i. I will even see what they sound like with my Denon AVR.
I have the Triton 7's paired with Rogue Cronus Magnum II and it's a great match.   Obviously, the 1's are huge step up from the 7's so I would assume the pairing would be fantastic.  
Even though I have moved on from the Triton 1s for anyone that's wondering I found the best match I tried was a Jolida Fusion Preamp with Odyssey Stratos Extreme amplifier. 
I am using a Mac MA6600 integrated with the Triton Ones which have been moved into my secondary system.
@mofojo why and what did you move on to? 
@stereo5 what's in your main system?
 We have been running our demo Triton 1r  with the Unison Research Unico 150 and the sound is amazing. 150 watt solid state amplifier with a tube based preamp stage. Quiet, dynamic, outstanding midrange clarity and a huge soundstage.

For digital a Lumin T2.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Golden Ear dealers

I am using a Mac C2500 tube preamp with a Mac MC302 300wpc amp into Golden Ear Triton Reference speakers.