Golden ear sub x

I'm looking for an audiophile sub to go with Thiel 3.7?Looking to spend less than 1500.Local dealer told me about Golden ear sub x and raved about it?Isnt this mainly a ht sub?Also thinking about a Sumiko s9,I can get a deal on,maybe later add another?I do what a lot of movies but what 2 channel to sound good also!Dont need it super loud anymore,would be happy with quality over quantity.

A Vandy 2w or 2wq would be my choice. Used, you might be able to get a pair of 2w's and the M5-HP crossovers within your budget. Or, you could just get the proper fixed crossovers for your amp's impedance through a Vandy Dealer for a couple hundred bucks. (I recommend Johnny R at Audioconnection- an Agon member).
FWIW, I never found Golden Ear to be the cat's meow, despite all the rave reviews.

I would look for a sub designed for music usually a sealed design.

I have heard some of the G ear speakers,didn't like them all their gear is primarily designed for Ht in my opinion.

Several good ones out there on the market depending on your budget.

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Thanks for responses so far.My system is a pair of Thiel 3.7,Emotiva xpa1s,Integra 80.3 processor,audioquest Columbia interconnects and type 4 wires.I always felt that I was lacking the lowest bass with my Thiels.I started using an old Velodyne servo 12 sub for 2channel.It gave me what I was looking for but is very muddy!Wanted something clean and punchy.i have considered svs ultra 13 also.

The Velodyne FSX or FXR Servo 12 subwoofer is actually a very good subwoofer despite its age. Muddy output maybe due to its poor location within the room and/or poor setup procedure before and after your processors room correction was performed. 

The corner placement suggestion that may appear in your subwoofers manual may be somewhat dated by todays standards and may have been given as a simplified placement suggestion. A modest investment in an inexpensive long pair of interconnects from someone like Blue Jeans or Monoprice cable would allow you to find an optimum placement location as well as learning where your rooms nodes are.

Another popular method is to place the sub at the listening position playing some bass heavy output while crawling around the room listening for the loudest bass (node). Then place the sub at that location and assess any improvement.  

Home theater processors usually crossover the main speakers to the subwoofer at 80 Hz via the subwoofer outputs. Running the mains at full output (or large speaker) and the sub from an uncrossed over output manually setting the crossover point on the sub may be worth checking into.

The idea here is to experiment and experience what your current room and your subwoofers performance has to offer before investing in what might only be a marginal improvement.   

Your 3.7's are a very fast and detailed speaker. You need to make sure you get the right sub or you will not be happy. Since your speakers are time and phase correct, I would keep it that way. The Vandersteen 2qw sub uses 1st order xovers. Its also very adjustable, and is meant to be used with the type of speaker you have.

" Columbia interconnects and type 4 wires "

The Columbia's exceptional, but the Type 4's are not. If you replace them with Type 6 or 8, you'll be glad you did.
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The Velodyne is a fsr 12, never blended well with my 805 diamonds in my basement system either?I picked up a b&w cts w 12 passive sub,using a processor to xover and a Emo xpa 2 bridged to amplify awhile ago to go with my 805s  in the basement and I'm very happy with the result.Better bass then I ever had!Tried sub with my Thiels and it sounded very good,much better than the Velodyne ever sounded!Thats when I knew Velodyne had to go!The b&w is a sealed sub and weighs 60 pounds with no amp.The Vandersteen sub is an interesting idea!Music Direct sells them in Chicago by me.I agree that my speaker wire is not up to snuff yet also,just trying to upgrade as I go along.Thanks for all the responses!I really appreciate it!

The SVS SB13 Ultra is a good consideration. I have two and they work well. Very fast, although they probably don't have as much output below 20 Hz (movies) as the PB13 (ported box), which is significantly larger. Plus, SVS has a 60 day free trial (with paid return shipping), and an unlimited 5 year warranty. Good deals off of their outlet page as well.
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Yes,I use a processor in both systems.Onkyo 886 with B&WS and Integra 80.3 with Thiel speakers.Both pre amps are very similar.Needed a processor in basement to control passive sub.I know processors for 2 channel aren't the best choice,but pretty happy with basement system overall.

Found out Vandersteen subs only have a year warranty,that's pretty lame for a 1600 sub!Rel 3 years,Svs 5 years.
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Considering that my 2nd hand 2w's are almost 20 years old and are still working properly- I wouldn't worry about needing the warranty.

I also own the HSU VTF-2 subs. They are a nice product, but not in the league of the Vandersteen's.

I decided to move passive B&w 12 sub with my Thiels.Worked Exellent!Just the little extra bass I needed!Not boomy at all.Next I decided to try out a Goldenear xxl  for my B&W 805 because now I needed a sub for those.After  reading Absolute Sound review,I tried one out.Very good sub!I think it was better than the others I heard.It was either a Svs Ultra or XXL.Got a better deal on the XXL so I went with that!Is it a Gotham or Thor's hammer,no is not,but nice overall sub for the money!Intgrates well with my B&Ws.