Golden Dragon Interconnects Trial

I have a set of Golden Dragons on trial and thus far they sound pretty good.
They seem to have a very seductive midrange with a deep soundstage along with very good bass.
I havent played them long enough to judge the treble.

I have not been able to find anything written about these cables.
Not even with doing a search on yahoo did I find anything.
Has anyone else tried or owns the Golden Dragon Interconnects?
I know Audiogon members Electro77 and Freejazz have had the Golden Dragons in their system and have been mighty impressed. You might try contacting them off-line.
As to the lack of press coverage, they are relatively new. It takes time for word and opinions to spread.

John is right, I am trying the Golden Dragons right now, and they do sound incredible in my system! I still have some more listening to do before I formulate a final impression. But there's a good chance I will buy them. Feel free to send me an email to discuss them! I also know of another person who bought them, and another who is demoing them as a replacement for his Tesla Apex interconnects...

Anyone interested in the Golden Dragon interconnects and digital cable (yes, there is one) should contact Stewart at A Sanctuary of Sound (Audiogon member SOS). He is THE expert on these wonderful cables.

Disclaimer: I have no business affiliation with nor financial interest in Jungson, the company that makes the Golden Dragon cables, or with Stewart, who sells the them.

Happy Listening!
I know Stewart as well and I have two pair of interconnects and their speaker cable, Jungson silver. They do sound very good, I compared them to Synergistic research that I no longer have.

One pair for Gill/Art sudio preamp to esoteric player, the other to a pair of Jungson mono amps.

The system sounds wonderful. Stewart is an expert on high end systems and recommends them highly.
Agreed ... I have been using a couple pairs in my system to wonderful effect. My long-time references have been the Stealth Indras (and I have not tried the new Synergistics Tesla series.)

For me, (and a couple others with whom I have spoken) they seem to be an ideal mate to another pair of Indras already in one's system.

They were not quite as "shockingly naked" as one person has described the Indras, but they really seem to be best described by Stewart's description on his site:

"We have tried many cables over the years, some proved to be very fast and transparent, some holographic, and some very lush and seductive. Yet over the years all of them fell short from giving the overwhelming presentation that embodied all of the desired attributes stated above. If you seek a cable that is organically natural sounding, that enchants with a rich delicacy and finesse, without sacrificing speed and transparency while enveloping you in a seductive blanket of warmth - this is the cable for you."

It sounds like more cable hype, but at least in my experience, it is right on the money.

Like others here, I would highly recommend contacting Stewart - he is a good guy and one of the true "cable gurus" out there ... always at the cutting performance edge with new products that to him, offer both performance and value (yes, even with a higher price sticker.)