Gold Ribbons

I have 2 pair of "Gold Ribbon" panels with freq response of 300Hz to 25,000Hz. I have used them in combination with a pair of Audio Concepts subs ....dual Dynaudio 12 inch per sub with a push pull configuration. I've used these for over 10 years and still love the ribbons, but want to move to a smaller combination, so I'm looking for small, quick cone drivers to fill the area from about 70hz or 80hz up to 300hz.......bass will be seperate sub woofer, maby HSU tn1220.....without taking a course in speaker design, what drivers should I look for and what volume of cabinet would be needed? Would like to mount the ribbons above the mid-bass similar to newforms. Any suggestions or sources? Thanks
use the scan-speak mid-woofers that newform uses, or try accuton ceramic drivers. see for info on the accutons. re: subs, hsu tn1220 is nice, but vmpsis better, imho. also, get two - better soundstage, easier placement, less distortion for the same spl. doug