gold plating components

I have 5 sets of WBT 108 RCA connectors in my system. I do tweak a lot and the gold plating is wearing off, so I would like to know if it is a reasonable solution to re plate them. A gold plating kit can be bought for a few hundred dollars. Has anyone done this before and were the results good?
i would ask WBT...if they are honest, they should give you a straight answer. if the alloy metal underneath is good quality with good conductivity, you may find a little wear of the gold plating may not make that much difference. For example, Neutrik is not gold plated, but many pros feel that the quality and conductivity of the alloy they use is very good.
Gold plating a previously plated surface may be tricky. Getting good adhesion is the issue. I am wondering why the original gold plate is comming off? Surely, you haven't made thousands of connections? I mention this because the original plate was either extremely thin or defective.

Also, be aware that most gold plating solutions use cyanide based chemistry, or in some cases a corrosive chloride based chemistry.