gold plated RCA plug: brass or pure copper chassis

A while back I had some Mogami 2549 made up with Neutrik Pro-fi RCA connectors that are brass chassis with gold plating and a plastic surround. I've been reading more about all copper chassis RCA plugs that are also gold plated. If you had your choice, which one would you go with? My system is already pretty much on the warm side with Mogami wire all around (details in system) plus the Audio Refinement separates (preamp and amp) plus the Jasmine LP2.0 mkII (great deal).

Having ordered from China directly before with the Jasmine, I found these:

coppper chassis gold plated male rca

Here are the ones I am currently using:

Pro-Fi Neutrik RCA connector

Also found these, which looks like the best bang for the buck without having to deal with a Chinese company directly:

onix 70024

Anyone used the onix 70024?
Surprised no one has chimed in on this.
Each plug will have it's own sound. In general, copper will produce a warmer sound, IMO it can also limit the upper frequencies. Gold platting is usually necessary because copper by itself will probably corrode. Best to try and see what you prefer for your ears.
It's not just the material, but the design also plays a big role

Take a look at ETI bullet RCA'S - aka Eichmann Bullet

I use the silver version and found the to be the best I've used to date

I use the Onix 70024 with Nanotec #207 wire and think they are great for the money. I also have the Xhadow RCA on a separate #207 cable and have A/B'ed them.

The Onix have a copper signature - smooth and detailed. Very natural and no glare in the midrange. The treble is good but not the utmost in extension.

The Xhadow have a little more impact and pop. The bass is a bit more defined and louder. They initially sound "better". But after a while comparing on different music I determined that the Xhadow is a bit bright in the upper midrange, which is what gives it that pop.

I also directly compared both cables to the Audioquest Colorado XLR (my Oppo BDP-105 has both outputs) and they sound very close in performance, but not quite as natural and dynamic. The Onix-Nanotec combo is 1/10 the price thought.

I also compared against the Vampire 800C on Nanotec #201. The Onix/207 combination sounds better.

The bottom line is they are cheap and sound good. I'd give them a try. I actually think they are made by Neotech as they are very similar to the DG-201, but I cannot confirm that.

Also if you can't tell, I love the Nanotec #207 cable. It smokes anything in that price range I've tried.
@Jtisher, thanks for the response. Did you fabricate these cables or have someone do them?


I've ended up with KLEI Copper Harmony cables from all my sources to my preamp and Furutech 126(g) between my Audio Refinement Pre5 preamp and Multi5 amp running in two channel mode and using Mogami 2549 wire.