Gold or Platinum Grade of Tubes for BAT Preamp.

Hi, all. I am awaiting delivery of my BAT VK-33. I’m going to replace the 6 stock EH 6922s with the NOS Rocket Logo 6H23-EB, which is a direct replacement for the 6922. My tube vendor has gold grade or platinum grade (which is about $15 more per tube than the gold grade). Tolerances for matched gold grade are 15-20%, while the platinum tolerances are 10% or less. Given that these are small signal tubes, is the tighter tolerance of the platinium grade worth the $$? Is the BAT hard on tubes, thereby requiring the more expensive ones? Thanks for your help.
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@ebm ... I did. I bought the platinum grade.
Are we to debate whether or not OP should spend the extra $15 on closer matched signal tubes for a preamp?

I wonder how much he’s got in cables
@rushfan71 ... actually it was about $100, and all I wanted to know was whether the tighter tolerances were worth the extra scratch from an audible perspective. I’ve got plenty tied up in cables because I can hear the difference ... I don’t know whether that will hold true with tube tolerances. Nonetheless, I spent the extra dough. I find it fascinating that people in this hobby will spend money blindly on equipment without bothering to understand what, if any, sonic benefit they will derive.