Gold or Platinum Grade of Tubes for BAT Preamp.

Hi, all. I am awaiting delivery of my BAT VK-33. I’m going to replace the 6 stock EH 6922s with the NOS Rocket Logo 6H23-EB, which is a direct replacement for the 6922. My tube vendor has gold grade or platinum grade (which is about $15 more per tube than the gold grade). Tolerances for matched gold grade are 15-20%, while the platinum tolerances are 10% or less. Given that these are small signal tubes, is the tighter tolerance of the platinium grade worth the $$? Is the BAT hard on tubes, thereby requiring the more expensive ones? Thanks for your help.
@stereo5 ... the VK-33 appears to be the last of the current BAT preamps to use the 6922. The "SE" version uses the 6H30, and I think all other BAT preamps now are using the 6H30. The VK-33 has been discontinued recently, so I got a decent, discounted deal on a BNIB model and have the ability to tube roll.
Buy the best your budget allows. Why do anything else? 
6n23p-ev is not the same tube as 6n23p, or e88cc/6922, though interchangable it behaves more like an e188cc with less dynamics, due to much lower cathode resistance that will draw too much current in a 6922 circuit, if you want that.
Life expectancy same as 6n23p.
I would use platinum matched in a phono stage and gold in line.

@petg60 ... Victor from BAT told me that the 6H30 is a direct replacement for the 6922.
@rlb61 Victor knows his design better than anybody, 6h30 is another tube that works perfectly in BAT's circuit. So you have plenty of choices to experiment with.
Listen your VK33 first with the supplied 6922EH and then get some 6h30 to check which family of tube type you prefer.