Gold Note PSU10 , anyone yet get one?

Thoughts would be most appreciated.
I’m using it along with two other phono stages in my system.
Very nice phono stage for people who’re using two tonearms with whatever cartridges. It can be two MM or two MC, or MM and MC connected to this phono stage. Settings such as loading, gain and even RIAA curves saved for each input and user can switch between them quickly. This phono stage is amazing for MC phono cartridges. Actually it’s like 2 independent MC phono stages in one box. Simply amazing! All settings are on display, just one knob to change them. It's super user friendly! 

Unfortunately for MM it’s impossible to go higher to 100k Ohm, the 47k Ohm is top. But for MC this phono stage is super versatile!

You will not find any other phono stage like this even for much higher price! Check their website to understand more about settings.

I’m waiting for special Power Supply Unit for it.
I'm interested in this piece, too. Chakster, what other phono stages do you use and how does the Gold Note compare?
Chakster, what other phono stages do you use and how does the Gold Note compare?

I have JLTi phono (with special mod) for MM cartridges to load them up to 100k Ohm or lower with whatever RCA plug resistors i want. It’s also fine for MC if they are 0.3mV or higher.

My reference phono stage is current mode WLM Phonata MC/MM, i have replaced load resistors for MM inside this phono stage (100k Ohm Vishay Naked Foil Resistors are the best for audio, it was huge upgrade). There is a Lundahl transformers for MC inside this phono stage. It has automatic load impedance for MC cartridges (special circuit). This phono stage gives me the deepest bass compared to JLTi and Gold Note, but it’s not for every MC cartridge. However, it’s fine for most of my vintage MM cartridges and for some LOMC too. This phono stage was made same year when WLM closed the business (they are specialized in loundspekers, now rebranded), not so many phono units were made.

Actually, i want to upgrade my WLM phono stage! I have to recap it by @lewm advice, he said, in one of his posts, that caps made huge difference in sound in phono stages. Well, i have to look for the best caps. Now i have Audyn caps in WLM, there is a room for bigger caps if needed. I’ve come across this Capacitor Test , very interesting. Anyone can recommend best caps for phono stage? 

The Gold Note is new, i am using it for a month or so, love it, but it can not replace my WLM, so i will be using both of them. I have many cartridges and Gold Note is the best in terms of usability, it’s universal phono stage for all cartridges, including 0.05mV Ortofon MC 2000 which is the most problematic cartridge for any phono stage, still not ideal for Gold Note, but i hope with external PSU it will be fine. Gold Note is a keeper, i want to have phono stage like this, it’s revolutionary phono stage in my opinion.
Thanks a lot for the detailed reply. It gives me some perspective. I’d bring in the PH10 as additional phono stage behind my Allnic and the built-in MC/MC in my VAC preamp (fed by nude Vishay’s like yours), so it would mainly be for MM carts and SUTs, and screwing around with EQ curves.

From what I’ve read, the outboard PSU brings a nice improvement. And a tubed output stage is due in the spring, I was told via email by Maurizio, Gold Note’s GM. So the unit offers a nice upgrade path.
Yep, the price for Gold Note with so many features is unbeatable today. 
Actually interested in users who now have the PSU10 (dedicated power supply) to the PH10 phono unit. Is it worth the asking price?
Anyone with the PSU10?? thanks
Ordered my PSU-10 about 2 weeks ago, but my Itlian guys are too slow this time, i hope next week they will be able to ship it to me with express mail.
@chakster  looking forward to your report.
@chakster  has it arrived yet? Please don't hesitate to give initial impressions.
Sure, but they just shipped yesterday, Italian style 
Very relaxed guys, lol 
So what is the verdict on the supply? Been waiting to hear if it is worth a $1K "upgrade"? Of course, my PH-10 is the last serial number production and I would have to do the firmware update.
It's in my system since yesterday, i'm gonna give it a try for a week before i will post any comments, but my experience is positive. 
@chakster It's been almost a week and curious minds would like to know your honest assessment of the PSU10, is it worth the asking price?
After a brief experience with PSU-10 i am happy about the result.
These 2 black bricks are not only looks nicer together, i knew they would.

External PSU is an improvement for PH-10, the difference in dimensionality of the sound. With PSU-10 the sound is crystal crisp, more attention to details and even more dynamics. I think it worth it.

I have no intention to disconnect them, i’ve tried with and without PSU and once you tried with PSU you don’t want to go back to the sound you had before.

Nice upgrade for me for 700 euro, i think i paid lower than retail price in the USA, because i got mine from Italy. For what i paid i am happy!

Lower noise floor was also important for me and that’s what i got for my Ortofon MC-2000 (0.05 mV) with +6db / 22Ohm on PH-10, another cartridge was Fidelity-Research PMC-3 (0.17mV) with 0db / 47k Ohm on PH-10. Both connected to PH-10 with Signal Cable Silver Resolution (Xhadow RCA) + Lustre GST-801 and Sony PUA-7 toneamrs on Luxman PD-444 turntable.

@chakster  thanks for the follow-up, I just ordered the PSU10 for $875 not much more than you paid. Will report my findings once heard.
Thanks again.
Where did you buy the PSU10 for 875.00 thank you.
The Gold Note dealer I purchased my PH10 from was very upfront that the PSU may not be the best way to spend upgrade money, or any money for that matter.  I think the PH10 on it's own sounds fantastic.
I was told the same but still bought and like the improvement. Got mine from soundsofsilence dot com