Gold Lion PX300B vs Shuguang Treasure

I want to know if anybody could compare the Russian Gold Lion PX300B vs the Chinesse Shuguang Treasure or Psvane 300B.
Please let me know your opinion about those tubes and the difference in the sound between both.
I will apreciate your opinion.
Nobody has compared them ?
Please, I need your help to choose.
All I can help you with is that I have the Genelex in my preamp and I am more than satisfied with the soundstage, coloration, etc.
I've got some px-300b and some treasures on their way, I'll see if I can help with a small review soon. They'll be compared in the driver section of my JAS Audio Array 2.1.

Initial thoughts when comparing the GL px300b to a Shuguang 300bc is that the GL is more opened and detailed, more lively tube that is less veiled but has that Russian metalic sound. I'm going to swap out some resistors to see if it it's the metal films, due to the more revieling nature of the GL's. The Shuguangs seem well damped(short decay) and more tubey, they present with good body and have that sweetness or sparkle on top, a darker sounding tube, less fatiguing in my system.

I've not heard any other 300b's to reference these to, so It is a direct comparison.

I to had hoped for a good review on the px-300b's but couldn't find one.

Maybe someone more experience than I will post.
yes, after much time tuning the amp in just right, and playing with the shuguang, I've put the px300b's back in and definatly a superior tube BUT!!! only in a superior amp. I've not only tuned to the shuguang for max performance but what was missing was the px300b. I've done allot more mods than just resistors in the past 8 months but what was finally missing was the superb detail and spatialitly and smooth natural tones, albeit the shuguang also has allot of that, it is also the more forgiving sound. The px300b lifted it's veil, I'm only fighting a layer of saran wrap now... So when using the px300b, tread with caution...