gold lion kt 88s break in time

hi , I just bought some new gold lion kt88s for my rogue audio m150s, can any body tell me if tubes really break in, how log does this take and what changes should I look for ? thanks for any input, chris
I replaced the Sovtek KT88's with Gold Lion's in my Rogue Tempest.They sounded really good out of the box and continued to to get better for about 50 hours.I have not noticed a significant difference since then.The biggest improvement was in the low end.The bass opened up and sounds more natural now,especially acoustic bass.The high end glare I was getting also went away.
thanks, I was wondering about the soundstage size, its not as big as with the EH kt88s . Chris
I had the opposite effect,soundstage opened up quite a bit.Maybe you can work with your speaker placement some.
I had a set of them in a Cayin integrated a cpl of years ago. I thought they were a little closed in at first too, although the friend who recommended them loved them from the start.

Let them run in 24/7 for a week. They were my favorite tubes once they got some hours on them.
thanks guys, I probably only have fifteen hours on them so far , so I will let them run and see what happens, I would be happy if they open up a little more, my sound stage is not quite as wide with these tubes, we shall see !