Gold lion KT-88 tubs for Cary Audio

Hi everyone I had recently purchased tungsull kt-120 tubes for my cary cad 120s power amp. They are a great crazy dynamic tube and highs are not harsh compared to the Stock Electro Harminox kt-88s. Though l like the detail of the kt-88’s more. What is different form the Electro Harmonix KT-88 to the Gold Lion KT-88?
Are the highs not as harsh, and the bass more controlled? Those are my 2 concerns or should a guy change the stock 6sn7 for the cad120s insted?

What is your experience with the Gold Lion kt-88s?
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So how would you compare the EH KT88 to the TS KT120? 

Have you read any reviews on the GL KT88? There is a ton of information out there. Check out Upscale Audio as Kevin's site has quite a few reviews on the tubes.  I have never used Gold Lions but from what I have read they are very good and probably more refined than EH.

I have the TS KT120 and find the upper mids are a little harsh or energetic so I rolled in some Mullard's to tame it down. So yes you can change the stock 6SN7's to tailor the sound to your liking. I haven't bought any 6SN7 for a couple years but the CBS Hytron and NOS RCA grey glass were very good (The earlier the better).  Personally I would try this route 1st before changing the output tubes unless you aren't satisfied with the overall "tone" of your system then I would change the output tubes.