gold lion 12ax7 , au7

Has anyone out there heard the New Censor Gold Lion 12ax7 or the 12au7 yet ? How are they any different than the EH 12ax7 gold pins made by the same company for less money? I am using Gold Lion kt88s in my Rogue Audio m180s so the thought of an all Gold Lion tube compliment is intriguing, Any input would be appreciated !!! Thanks Chris
I have both the Genalex 12AX7 re-issue and the Sovtek 12AX7LPS mentioned as being the same by a poster above.

In the phase splitter position in my Rogue Cronus they sound very different from one another. The Sovtek is tight and forward sounding with sharply emphasized leading edge transients. The Genalex is relaxed and warm albeit not particularly resolving.

I don't care much for either of them and yes, the Genalex is overpriced, but they sound nothing alike.
I'm thinking of trying the Gold Lion 12au7's in my Rogue RP-5
@aberyclark Please let me know your impressions of the Gold Lion 12au7's in the Rogue RP-5. I have been thinking about trying those in my RP-5 as well but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
If you can find some NOS British Mullard 12au7's from late 50's to early 60's, they sound good too.