Gold interconnect comparison help

This is a repeatition from my threat at ac forum. any one tried kci silkworms, gabriel gold revelation, jade vermeil gold, antipodes gold or other gold base interconnect? how do you compare them? which one is better in your opinion and why? i would like to tame by abit bright systems. you can use GG rev as reference as i have one

Not to start war or something, i just need some comparison the cables, as i do not have the pleasure to be able to try cables and have the money back guarantees offers. i live in Asia and shipping the package back and forth would cost fortune. thx
Yes, we don't want to start a war here, so let's tread lightly. I have heard Jade Vermeil/Hybrid, GG Extreme/Revelation, Awesound Golden Pyramid and Audio Metallurgy GA-0 in my system.

First off, these are all excellent cables with the distinct sound that one only gets from gold. Secondly, the differences between these gold cables are not as large as the differences between gold and copper or silver cables.

All that said, I prefer the Jade Vermeil/Hybrid cables in my system. To my ears, they present a deeper stage with more space around the players. I know this is not everyone's cup of tea, some prefer a more forward presentation, and that's fine.

You will get many different replies, all claiming their personal favorites.
Unfortunately, the only way to really tell which one is for you is to listen in your own system, and compare them side by side. We can't tell you which one YOU will like better in YOUR system......sorry.
Maybe you should keep your eyes peeled on the classifieds, and see if you can find used ones. These are small manufacturers, and they don't come up for sale often, but they do come up occasionally. there is a 1 meter pair of GG Revelations up for sale now. That way you can compare them side by side in your system. If you like them, keep them. If you don't, you can turn around and sell them w/o losing much $$$.

Good luck,
Hi john, thanks for the respond, maybe i need to rephrase my question. whats the characteristic of the cables mentioned above?

as with john description for vermeil, "I prefer the Jade Vermeil/Hybrid cables in my system. To my ears, they present a deeper stage with more space around the players"

i have GG revelation on my systems now and can be used as reference

i need another gold ic to replace my VanDenHul.
Get the GG Rapture as it is 30/40% better than the Rev. I have A/B Audio Note Sogon and Kondo KSL LP with the Rapture and the GG smoked both of them.

You might try out the Rev. MK2.

How does the GG Rev. work in your system?

I am about to try out a Silkworm .5M on my Lector T7 MK3 and will report back on my findings.
if the GG Revelation is working out for you than your best bet is to just wait on another.
Or you can watch for new MK 2 Revelation on auction.
If you get the opportunity you should listen to the Gabriel Raptures they offer a lot more space,depth and air.
05-25-08: Bobf
If you get the opportunity you should listen to the Gabriel Raptures they offer a lot more space,depth and air.

Are you offering Bob? :)

I am John.

Send me your Jade H and I will send you my 1M GG R.

john i'd take gary up on that offer
Thanks for the offer Gary, I sent you a PM.

Oooh, so the Jade Hyrbid and GG Rapture are finally going to go head-to-head? I'll waiting for the results of this one with bated breath...

On another note: Milen007, I emailed you my personal thoughts on the Jade Hybrid, Jade Vermeil, KCI Silkworm, and GG Revelation interconnects. I don't really feel like getting into another "my interconnect's better than your interconnect" yelling match on the boards...

...they offer a lot more space,depth and air.
And here I thought the GG Rev cables were already touted as the 3D king. You mean there really was room for improvement? You mean like the Jade Hybrid? 8-)

I don't really feel like getting into another "my interconnect's better than your interconnect" yelling match on the boards...
Good point but these cable threads can be entertaining.

I would like to know your take on the Silkworm.

I need a .5M and may take the one up on auction. It would be used on my Lector T7 MK3.

Thanks,I found your thoughts on the Silkworm in one of your posts.
Glory, the GG rev work "just" fine is my system, abit of harsh, i am not sure its the ic or my systems, it is so revealing that every bit of the music is portray out clearly. hows your silkworm evaluation goes?

thanks Electro77 for the insight. i got the idea now.

this threat going interesting, head to head on GG R and Jade hybrid. keep us posted on your views, Jmcgrogan2 and glory. and whats the systems being associated with the opinions.

I think all the cable is systems dependent. just swapping the PCs (OFC and silver coated copper) amongst the cdp, pre and amp do make it sound different. likewise when i swap IC between cdp and amp. all sound different. i think this hobby really need trial and errors.
05-26-08: Milen007
I think all the cable is systems dependent. just swapping the PCs (OFC and silver coated copper) amongst the cdp, pre and amp do make it sound different. likewise when i swap IC between cdp and amp. all sound different. i think this hobby really need trial and errors.

Bingo! That's why much of this is pointless. Folks can tell you what THEY like in THEIR system to THEIR ears, but they CANNOT tell YOU what WILL sound best in YOUR system to YOUR ears. Afterall, we are not simply dealing with system synergy here, you have to allow for room interactions AND personal tastes vary too. Too many variables.

It's harder than telling someone what kind of wine they will like best, where only personal tastes are involved, no room/system interactions.

Are you sure it's the GG Rev that's "a bit of harsh" in your system? Have you replaced the GG to make sure the "harsh" isn't present without them?
The word "harsh" just doesn't fit my experience with the GG Rev cables.
Revelation = "to reveal,to remove the veil."
essentially hearing what's there for better or worse.
Got a system or a room problem you may just hear it now!
these cables are not tone controls.
Well, the word "harsh" actually fits my experience with the GG Revelations... Perhaps it was simply a system or room problem, but why should I spend mega bucks on a component upgrade which may or may not fix the problem when there are other cables out there that sound better in my system?

Interestingly, I looked it up and Revelation also means "God's disclosure of Himself and His will to His creatures". Hmmm... Food for thought.

Rja, i did replace with my old IC but the harsh tone down, so hardly any harsh with old IC. BUT, less detail, less soundstage and less dynamic and all. two IC is actually different league, VDH D102 and GG rev, so no way to compare.

with GG there is no harsh when listening at slightly less than my normal listening volume, but getting fatigue once above my listening volume

i think it might be the systems that sounds harsh, thats why i do not blame the GG IC. I will still keep it as it really sound very good at slightly below my normal listening volume.

Havent got the chance to try GG rev on friend's systems (which is better system than mine)
Have you had your cables cooked? I have not but but I see that Steve is now recommending it. Perhaps we should both contact him to discuss this.
Hi Rja, my cable is ex-demo, so its well cooked :) according to Steve, he suggest 6-8 hrs run will give the best of the cable. i read somewhere in the threat that it will give the best of the cable if cooked regularly. but i dont have that pleasure as i am in Asia. you might try, think Steve will do it for you happily
any comments from Revelation MK 2 owners? as the Revelation is no longer current.
It's suppose to be much better and closer to the sound of the Rapture.
Milen from the description posted it sounds to me like the
Gabriel Gold Intuition might be more what you need.
The description makes it sound like it's a little warmed over.The KCI Silkworm is also another good choice.
Louder volume issues sound more like a room problem,have you tried or do you use any room treatment?
Tons of great advice has been given in your thread, the most important being that each system and set of ears is different so what you like another may not and vice versa. Even though I am a builder of one brand I believe all of the cables you mention are fantastic cables built by great vendors and you can't go wrong with any of them. Enjoy your search and most importantly don't let the search get out of hand!

John P.
One thing to keep in mind when comparing these cables. The Antipodes and KCI Silkworm are gold cables while the Gabriel Revelation is an alloy of gold, silver and copper. I believe the Gabriel Rapture also has some platinum added to the mix.
rja-you are correct.The Revelations are a Gold alloy with with silver and copper in the mix and a thick 24k gold plating.
Based on the description of the Revelation MK 2 and Rapture ,I don't think either of them use any copper at all.
rja I stand corrected according to Steve there is still a small amount of copper in the mix with the Gabriel Rapture and Revelation MK 2 but the percentages of Gold and Silver differ plus some platinum is added

You were correct
The initial thread was titled "gold ic comparison" so technically the Gabriel may not belong in the discussion. There is a family of gold alloy cables where Gabriel probably belongs with others such as Siltech.
how bout jade vermeil? i think they are alloy as well, not sure the composition tho.

my intention is actually try to get some sore of idea in the IC characteristic that price below $1000 and particularly IC that contain gold. So alloy might be fit.

with the added gold in the IC construction may bring some sort of characteristic to the sonic which I like.

I prefer lush sound (tube sound), which of the above IC mention above has this kind of character?
Milen007 - Rather than speculate, why not read the information on the Jade site for yourself and then contact JD there for further information.
Well if it's lush you're looking for, you should check out the Jungson Golden Dragon interconnects from Stewart at Weekend Environments. I think they are gold plated copper... Very rich midrange, quite a bit more than the Gabriel Gold, Jade, and KCI cables, IMHO... In my experience they were intoxicating at first, but in the end I preferred a more open midrange presentation.

Electro77, thanks for the inputs, that cable looks good.
i would like to add to my previous post about my initial impression about gabriel gold revelation ic. i make a wrong claim saying gg is harsh in my systems. i later found out its caused by the quicksilver contact enhancer that i applied to the tubes pins. today i just change the tubes to telefunken 12ax7 with no enhancer, just cleaning the pins with contact cleaner. sound dull at first which then open up very nice after few hours of running. so GG revelation is rave in my system. kuddos to the designer, well done, steve.
Of the gold ICs mentioned, I've only had the KCI Silkworms in my system - 0.5M XLR between DAC and active linestage. Synergy is everything and, unfortunately, completely system-specific. For me, the Silkworms are keepers as the first analog wires in the signal chain. Just the right balance of warmth and detail with Ridge Street Poiemas between linestage and amps and Ridge Street Alethia loudspeaker cables. I've no desire to further experiment with cables.
All you GG owners that talk about burn in time need to let that one go.

I have on trial the Jade H vs. the GG R. (I own )

I have had the GG Rev. MK1 and in no way( even with 10,000 hrs ) does it compare withe the J/H.

The RR/G and J/H are in the same league and they are fun to A/B. My wife has made her decision on which one she prefers.

I have the Rev. MK2 and I will tell you it is many steps up from the first version. I don't know what Steve did to it but it is worth seeking out.

I will keep you posted on my finding with the J/H vs. GG/R.

I will say this that the J/H is a heck of a cable and I am enjoying my time with it.
Let me get this out the way first. John at KCI is one of the nicest people you will deal with in life let alone in our hobby. His "Silkworm" IC is the most natural sounding cable I have ever experianced. Period. I have no experiance with the others mentioned. I have no need to. I'm enjoying music more now than ever and to me that's what it's all about. Peace and Good Listening to all.
glory -- are you saying that the GG Rapture and the Jade Hybrid are in the same league and that the new GG Rev. MK 2
smokes the original Revelation?
Considering the original Revelation is still a giant killer that says a lot for the Rapture,Rev MK 2 and the Jade.
I have GG Raptures in my main system and sold off my 2nd system which includes some GG Revelations(which sold in a day)When I settle in after my move I plan on checking out the Rev.MK 2's.
Could you add any additional info regarding the improvements you found in the MK 2 over the original Revelations
I would like to try jade vermeil but never found used jade cable for sale. Is this mean everyone is so satisfied with jade that none willing to sale. OR jade sold in just small amount. Comment?

Just got my KCI silkworm. Been running awhile. So far so good. With combination of GG rev and silkworm , my system sound so musical and transparent that I'm reluctant to AB them.
with the Gabriel Gold Revelation being discontinued and with the NEW Rev.MK 2 out now there are good deals to be had on the original,but,it sounds like the MK 2 is a much improved cable.
If you A-B the Revelation against the Silkworm it would be nice to know your findings.
A better comparison would be the MK 2 against the Silkworm as members who have both claim it is no contest.The MK 2 is in a different league.
I still think the original Revelation is a great cable though as is the other cables mentioned in this thread.
Sounds like you have the right combination using one of each.
Resolution and warmth
just got a pair a Gabriel Gold Intuition interconnects
I was bidding on the Revelation MK 2 but lost out.
The Intuition cables are really nice. My gut feeling leaves me thinking that they are even better than the original Revelation.The Intuition got a big warm stage with all the detail and bass that the Revelation had.member Glory's opinion that the Revelation MK 2 is many steps up from the original Revelation may just be on the money.If the Intuition is this good I have to check out the MK 2's for myself.
I'm just enjoying my first listen with the GG Rapture (thanks Gary), and I agree with Glory completely, it is in an entirely different league than the GG Revelation. By far Steve's best effort to date, and a fabulous cable.

Later this week I will do a A/B between the Rapture and the Hybrid, once I've gotten to know the Rapture a little better.

John, have you tried the GG Revelation 2?
Wow, the Jade Hybrid is getting respect from a GG owner? I'm shocked! ;-) I'm actually very interested in hearing John's verdict about the Jade Hybrid vs. GG Rapture.



With respect and honor to all those who have found, heard and bought this wonderful sounding cable. From top to bottom it is a world class cable.

The GG Rev. MK1/2 is not in the same leauge as the GG Rapture or Jade Hybrid.

I just got done with a A/B session with the GG Rev. MK2 and the GG Rapture. The Rapture kicks the living snot out of the Rev.2. My friend has the Rev. MK1 and if Steve lets me have the Rev.2 a few more days I will report back on the difference between the two. I would say the Rev.2 is 10% better than the Rev.1. I will report back on these thoughts after I grab the MK1. I still think the Rev. MK2, with it's wider fuller soundstage is a giant killer and should be pursued by all who can find it.

The Rapture is 30% better than the Rev. MK2. It has transformed my system in such a way that it is intoxicating at times. After listening to the Rev.2 and installing the Rapture I threw my notes down and enjoyed the ride.

Thanks Steve (Gabriel Gold) for all your hard work and for your dedication to this hobby. Keep on kicking butt and show those big bad ass cable companies you don't have to charge BIG $$$$$$$ for world class cables.

The J/H was, in my mind,a truly eye/ear opener as it brought out the best in my system. After Jmcgrogan2 gets done with the Rapture we will report back to all those who are interested in our findings on the two cables.

If Jmcgrogan2, in some way, thinks the GG/R sucks than all we GG fans need to allow him to express what he hears and not go into the trip about the break in hours on the Rapture. I have a cable cooker. =8^)

This is a fun hobby and it's members like John that are keeping it that way.

Happy tunes to all,
glory it appears that you are doing a very thorough evaluation and my hats off to you.
Let's not forget that the Revelation MK 1/MK 2 is 1/2 the price of the GG Rapture and Jade Hybrid.If after further evaluation you find that the Revelation MK 2 out performs the original Revelation by 10% than thats a big difference in my opinion.10% in the world of audio is a HUGE number as most members will agree.Also the price for the MK 2 remains the same as the original Revelation.In todays economy how often do you get improved performance,design and appearance without a price increase. When considering the long list of big dollar cables the Revelation has replaced in members systems it is my opinion that the Revelation MK 2 sets the bar very high and are still tough to beat.Certainly if you have the extra thousand bucks go for the Rapture or maybe even the Hybrid as these cables most likely are 2 of the best even if you have no limits to your budget.
good job I look forward to your additional thoughts on the Revelation vs Revelation MK 2
posted by Glory
"I have the Rev. MK2 and I will tell you it is many steps up from the first version. I don't know what Steve did to it but it is worth seeking out."

is many steps up 10% ????

10% in audio math must equal it easily sounds a lot better and it's worth it.
Hi-I've listened to and have owned every Gabriel Gold cable created to date.
I presently use Rapture interconnects,speaker wire and AC cords.
Early on even with the original GG Extreme I knew Steve was on to something special and his designs continue to baffle me me with each new offering.

Steve does not rest upon his past accomplishments and continues to "bring your music to greater heights"

If Steve ever decided to go "BIG" with ad campaigns,distributors,etc I really believe he would have not only the best cables available,but most likely one of the best selling and most popular cables you could buy.

Steve's passion is design and performance with every cable being beautifully built by Steve himself.

Not a flavor of the month product.
He should have a cable come out called the "Evolution" because in my experience I have seen these cables evolve from a giant killer(Extreme) to perhaps the best the industry offers with the Rapture.

I'm sure it won't end there
keep it up
just finished comparing the KCI silkworm and GG rev in my system:

cdp cyrus 8x with psr
pre amc cvt 1030
amp amc cvt 2100
belden diy PC
lessloss PC
few diy shielded and unshielded PC
audio art ic-3
gabriel gold Rev
kci silkworm
xindak fs gold
spendor s 3/5

the opinion below is strictly my own opinion with my limited experience in hifi.

both cables are exceptional cables with huge clarity, details and can be easily live with.

the differences are:
KCI silkworm appear faster with slightly more dynamic and slightly better soundstage. i prefer kci when listening to instrument music, orchestra, etc

GG Rev has vocal to die for that kci cant compare. i prefer this cable when listening to vocal, jazz, etc

both cable have to be arrange such that GG rev from cdp to pre, and silkworm from pre to amp to give the best sound, dynamic and details. very quiet and huge soundstage.

if the other way around, they sound noisier, maybe to much decay of the instrument or something. but still maintaining the same details and soundstage.
milen007 are you comparing the KCI with the discontinued Gabriel Gold Revelation?
The original is an excellent cable,however,the MK 2 is much better.
check it out if you can
Darealjaydee, yes its the discontinued one. sure i might check on that one. or maybe 1/2m rapture
I just received a pre-production version of the Antipodes Reference from Mark to compare to my Antipodes Gold. More money, but more everything, particularly lower noise floor, more PRAT and dynamics. I remember the Jade Hybrid and the Antipodes Gold being close but different, but the Reference is definitely a step up on my Golds. It would be good to have some Hybrids here to compare them with. Not sure when it hits the market though, and I have to send these pre-pros back next week dammit.