Gold Fuses: Whats the fuss?

Are Gold fuses better. Anybody use them? Whats the fuss?
only ones who fuss are people who claim to have bat watch the bats come out of their
What do you mean when you say 'Gold' fuses?

Do you mean AMR 'Gold' fuses? These have no gold in them. 'Gold' is just the name like Synergistic Research 'Red' fuses.

Do you mean a fuse that actually has gold as part of the makeup of the wire?
I am not sure what a "gold" fuse is, but I replaced the fuse in my Cantata with a Synergistic Research red fuse and am pleased with the results more detail and open sound with no negatives.
The normal fuse supplied with your system can't possibly sound any good, but that's easily fixed. Yes, you can buy true 'audiophool' fuses to prevent the inevitable congestion as the current has to flow through that tiny little wire. A bargain at only $60 each (give or take). Mind you, you'd expect to pay that for a "hi-fi tuning fuse", because it's so much more than just a fuse. It's also a ... ahhh ... hmmm ... no, my mistake, it's just a fuse.
Where have you been hiding? Check the forums. There are plenty of discussions about aftermarket fuses.
precious audio equipment needs jewelry as well: stones, gold -- just like you give it to your date, fiance or wife. not sure of audio equipment, but your date, fiance or wife will definitely sound better.
my brother just bought for his dog 10kt gold (not gold-plated, no!) necklace. everytime now he's going to walk or run with dog he'd bring the necklace in is mouth so he won't forget to put it on. it figures it made more sense vs. audiophile fuss or fuse. to me it makes no sense one way or the other.
Mapman wrote,

"Fuss? What fuss?"

Good one.

"And you know something's happening but you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. jones?" - Old audiophile expression