Gold From Heaven -- Need TT Advice and Have Qs

Hi. My brother, an old audio fan, moved on to computer downloads for music. As a gift, he gave me a long term loaner of his old record collection of 70s rock and roll . . . and his old disc spinner, a Thorens TD 145.

As a gift back, I plan to have the Thorens overhauled to bring it up to spec. Any sugestions of a top notch shop that does that kind of work. I'm not looking to do a major upgrade. Instead, I'm looking for a shop that will take the TT apart, inspect, replace, repair, clean and lube as needed. The tonearm wires need to be replaced. Other than that, I want to keep the TT in original shape.

Back to the LPs. So far every album is in near pristine condition. Was playing Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin at high gain levels when wifey came down with a broom and threatened to sweep me and the rig out of the house. LOL!

Ok, here's the Q. Anyone remember a group called Johnny's Dance Band and their record "Love Wounds, Flesh Wounds"? I think the group hailed from my home town, Philly. The album cover has a pic of a pretty lady in a stripped vest, jeans and high heeled sandles. The group's music really rocks. Anyone else have the LP?? Comments?

Oh, the gift back is when my bro figures out that he gave away 2 boxes of gold and wants it back, as a token of my appreciation, I'd like to return the TT all fixed up with a new carty in the $500 range. He's got an old Dynaco PAT 5. Any carty suggestions?

Don't waste money on an overhaul of the Thorens, a fool's errand. Purchase a used Denon 47f, put a new cartridge on it and enjoy. All the latter should cost less then $400. Then enjoy.
Good advice from Buconero117; there are too many good used TT's available.
Agree, the DP-47F is a very nice, sturdy TT. Your brother will flip out when you gift him that...

Thanks guys. I think your collective advise is solid.