Gold Face Olympic Power = Canada

Sorry, fellow audiophiles in the great U.S.A. CANADA won the GOLD MEDAL in Men's Hockey...and in Women's hockey...leaving YOU GUYS 2nd best!

Wayne Gretzky for President!
That was definitely the best hockey game I've ever seen! I usually don't watch hockey much, but that game was great! GO CANADA!!!!! The car horns are still honking like crazy and you can hear the screaming from the pub 1km away... It's taken 50 years, but we finally got it :)
Who the hell do the Canadians think they are, robbing our boys of their God-given right to win the gold medal in hockey? If you Canucks aren't careful, we're going to think we're victims of hockey terrorism and Bush will be left with no choice but to bomb the hell out of Moose Jaw.

Seriously, congrats to our friends north of the border. I lived in Canada for 3 years (a long time ago), and I couldn't be more pleased for you and your countrymen. The U.S. was really pleased for Sale and Pelletier that they won a share of the gold medal. Infact, me and some of my buddies were relaxing over a cold Labatt's and decided we are going to sponsor a referendum to grant Sale and Pelletier U.S. citizenship....

The only question I have for you is: what happened to your curling team? I watched the entire gold medal round on CBUT-TV, and cheered like crazy for you hosers, but it didn't do no good. Got to do better next time, eh?

Best to all the good people in the other bastion of freedom in North America. Be proud, Canada -- you earned it.
It was a great game, very fast hockey with lots of chances for both sides....and great for the sport....millions watched....the USA team played very hard. About our curlers? well, that's the wya it curls never know how people react to pressure at the very highest level....that makes the olympics so exciting....isn't it wonderful when you see athletes overachieve at the highest level? The americans can feel proud for running a superb games.....time for a beer, eh? Cheers, everyone.
We'll let you have the gold medals for the men and the women. It's the least we can do to comfort you, and help take your minds off the fact that you're living in a frozen tundra. We will however, keep the warmer climate. Want to play us in baseball? You know, the summer game, oh, that's right, you probably don't know what summer is. We feel so bad for you, we even gave you the gold in the pairs figure skating. We are nice people, and very charitable towards those less fortunate. Don't say we never gave you anything.
Hey.. ya know hockey pucks make great vibra pods too yet!!

(Canadians rule the ice)
Sincerely, I remain
Funny thing jmcgrogan2 last time I checked over 150 Million Americans live in cold weather climate just like Canada.
Go Canada Go
I have never been more proud to be Canadian.
Our Hockey is in great shape and in the hands of some great people.
Wayne Gretzky Steve Tambellini,Kevin Lowe, Pat Quinn,Ken Hitchcock,Jacques Martin,Bob Nicholson,Wayne Fleming and all suppoert staff.Thanks for bring that Gold Medal home.

For our women who showed class and poise in the face of digusting Officiating.Thanks
JMC: ever been to Wisconsin, North Dakota, Montana or Minnesota in the winter time? Ever visited Buffalo after they have a snow storm? And while it hasn't happened in a while, I think I can remember the Blue Jays winning a couple of World Series some time back.

I for one, am very glad that the USA held these games and maintained a secure site so that those who have worked so hard had the opportunity to offer their best!
Well remeber that we Americanos are not the best at winter sports.But to get around it gen-x'ers came up with freestyle and snowboarding etc so intsead of the 20 medals we were expected to get we ended up with 34.Hey speaking of snowboarding wasn't the last olympics one in which the gold meadalist was stripped of his medal as they found Canabis in his system and it was declared a "performance enhancing drug" (Like Dude have you seen where I put my gold medal?).But yeah good on 'ya to the canucks.They are so hocky crazy and have been so dominant per capita vs us in the NHL I couldn't believe this was the first gold in 50 years (or was that first EVER).As a former Bostonian where we were the proud worls series champions of 1917 I could relate.Hey look what happened when the Pat's won.We are so starved after the Celts dried up in the 80's the city which has 1.25 Million people had it's population doubled when an equal amount of fans came to have a blat after the superbowl.And in Canada?With Hockey?It must be a blast.And the country makes good speakers to.Forget the Brits whom are always mentiones our freinds to the north are the best ones we have.
The game looked like an NHL all star game, making the Canadian/American sides SEEM arbitrary. Good game, though. Go America Jr.!!
Sale and Pelletier were fantastic in their exhibition skate, not to mention that they EARNED the Gold Medal they were finally awarded. Oh yeah, THE hockey game was good too. And if we had to lose, I'm glad it was to our Canadien brethern. CHEERS. Craig
Does this now mean the Boston red sox and the toronto maple leafs will win the big one in their respective sports? Scary thoughts....
Monday morning and my head hurts. Helluva game, an All-Star game with hitting and passion. The Olympics were terrific, kudos to the folks of Utah and all Americans! 16 days of various and sundry events are really just filler for the hockey games, eh? Hockey ticket: $425, Official jersey: $150, beer at the game: $75, four years of well earned bragging rights..... priceless
Chazzbo-you can't afford to forget the Brits in anything and more specifically regarding the Winter Olympics the Scots who won that Gold Medal at the curling.....
Way to go Canada. It was a great game. Even though us Americans lost, we lost to a great country and a very good hockey team. I am also proud of our Americans that did win the medals, they all worked hard for it.
Bluenose,I hope your right.
I have waited 32 years for The patriots to win they did.
Next up Canada delivered the goal.
Will the Leafs be next follwed by an Italy World Cup win?
I can only hope.
The present leafs don't have enought grit and desire to win the cup.....wish it wasn't so.....but hope springs eternal.....anything can happen....if they play desperate they'll do well....The detroit red wings look very solid...
Natalie, maybe you need to check again. Last I checked, Canada was farther north than the US. I admit I haven't checked in awhile, things may have changed. Rgd, I've never been to those remote northern states, rumor has it that it's too damn cold.
A special thanks to all our American friends for their sense of graciousness,and kind remarks.
Being from the Pittsburgh area and being a big fan of "Super Mario" it was tolerable to lose to our friends in Canada and see Mario get his Gold . I do however hope that Wayne's remarks about the USA where an attempt to get his team fired up and not like the whinning that alot of people took it for! Especially with all the millions he made down here!Cheers for winning the Gold but how about a good game of baseball, basketball or football?

Cheers to our Northern Friends!!!!
C-Ya in 2 yrs at the summer Olympics !!!!
I'm with Bluenose, the Leafs just don't have what it takes to win the Cup. As we saw yesterday championships are won from the goal outward, and the Leafs come up short. Cujo is not considered in the top five in the league and the defense is aging some. The Ballard years are history, the Leafs need to end the reign of mediocrity and re-build with young talent. And yes, thanks to our American friends for their kind words. Losing graciously is a sign of a true winner. Jeff
Jeff you have watched to much Canadians hockey this year.
The Leafs have grit desire.What they lack is One more defencmen.Sadly its the one who lost the sight in his Eye that could put them over the top.Brian Berard would have looked good in a USA uniform as well.
About time after 50 years.CHEERS...
Only the second time we have sent our best squad in 50 years.
A few things in life are predictable, taxes, and the Leaf's NOT winning the Cup. Why should they go the extra mile, corporate Toronto will keep buying the season's tickets anyway. The Nordiques went to Denver and The Jets to Phoenix. We're losing teams to the almighty buck and the game has become so watered down it's not worth watching. Hockey today doesn't really resemble what it once was, I vote we go back to six teams and pay the players $50k/year max
I wish all hockey was played with that intensity. Great win for waiting 50 long years. Do you think the Canadians whined a little too much about the pairs skaters? Kind of tarnished the whole affair
Snook2 - the "whining" (and I thought it was justified especially if you watched their respective performances) was done by not only Canadians but by many Americans as well. Very much the topic on a number of US based news items and magazines with nothing but opinions on the Canucks being "robbed".

As for the intensity of the game - you are so right!
But didn't we win the CURLING competition? Another Manly sport cherished by the Canadians! Hey, who took my Broom!!!