Gold CD Dealbreaker?

Long story short, I will soon be selling my cd collection. As for the gold discs in my collection (just over two dozen), I plan to sell them here on Audiogon so they may go to good homes where they will be appreciated.

Here is the issue: I have treated some with green marker on the edges. For some I used the official CD Stoplight pen, on others I used a Staedler green marker. All of them are in excellent shape and have a minimal amount of wear, but will the green marker prevent them from selling?

Funny, I was just looking at some CD's today that still have the green Stoplight on them and reminiscing. :)

I don't think it would degrade the value, but I thought I recalled that you could wash it off if you chose to.
Just wash off the green marker.
I use A car care product meguair's Scratch X to polish my CDs. and it takes off the marker or paint from the edges too.

Although i doubt anyone will feel cheated by them being painted. (Since the paint can be removed with no ill effects as i mentioned.)
So I would just sell them with the painted edges, but DO mention it in the ad. Do not reduce the price for the mod being done.
You COULD mention if they want the paint removed, you will do so before shipping the disc?
I would simply leave the paint on them if it doesnt effect play.
Advertise them as Audiophile Modified editions and offer them for 3 times what they are worth. They will sell like hotcakes !!!!
to a collector, the markings could be a deal breaker.
Green ink can be removed w/ isopropyl alcohol.
Change the fuses, now your talkin........
Thanks for the responses. In the interest of laziness I wanted to know whether or not to remove the marker. Reading the comments ths far, I think I will. I will post the discs in the marketplace in the near future. There are some old MoFi, DCC, and Sony Mastersound.
Which ones do you have--I might buy them off you...
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