Going to USA: Where to buy LPs in CA and Vegas?

Will be heading to LA, San Fransisco and Las Vegas this October! Any recommended shops where I can hunt for LPs... especially the promo 1st press LPs? Thanks and cheers!
Amoeba records.They have a store in San Fransisco and in Hollywood CA.
You should allocate at least one half day for Amoeba Records, possibly the entire day.
Rather than hitting San Francisco, you should go across the bridge and go to Berkeley. Will you have a car? Amoeba and Rasputins are a block from each other on Telegraph, Grooveyard (6095 Claremont/College) and Saturn Records (5488 College) are near each other as well.

Amoeba in Holleywood is the biggest.

The Record Collector on Melrose in West Hollywood.
Record City, 300 E Sahara Ave in Las Vegas. They have nice selection of collector and rare lp's.
Ditto Berkeley.
HI all, thanks for the response... well actually I do have some free time in all 3 cities... Addresses will be most helpful! Do these shops accept credit cards?
Also, when in Los Angeles try Record Surplus on Pico Blvd. in West Los Angeles.
Try wax trax records on decatur ave. All Mint But pricey.
very large amount of the best you will find
Record Surplus and Ameoba accept credit cards.
Ameoba is at 6400 Sunset blvd. in hollywood
The Record Collector is extremely expensive.
Hiend2: You mean "Decature ave." as in "Decature ave. on the west side of Las Vegas"?

Also, try "Z" records on Eastern ave. and Flamingo (3-4 miles east of the Strip).
Nothing like the used-vinyl vaults on Chicago's Clark street but worth a look.
Equator Books in Venice, on Abbot Kenney, just bought out a serious 30,000 lp collection. The first 2,000 records arrived in July. They have a small room off the bookstore. Was there the first day the collection was made available and was able to dig out 100 pristine records.

PS: Per capita, Seattle has more "mom and pop" stores than any city I known. Great place to dig.

Hard to find good album stores in the Vegas although the Virgin Megastore has a nice album collection of new titles.

I also recommend Better Records/www.dccblowout.com in 1000 Oaks, CA. Tom Post, the owner,specializes in old rock and jazz and personally listens and ranks each album by quality; you will pay dearly but the best source for amazing fidelity.
Finally booked the hotels. Hopeteh record stores aren\t too far from the hotels!

1. Westin Bonadventure, 404 S. Figueroa Street, LA
-> Think this is bear to Record Surplus. Who has the full address? Think I can even walk there...

2. The Stratosphere, Las Vegas
-> Any stores near here?

3. Cathedral Hill Hotel, 1101 Van Ness Avenue, Sans Frans
-> Any advice?

Thanks all for your help!
Hi - What types of music will you be looking for? Different stores here have different specialties... I'm in San Francisco and know the area and local dealers pretty well. (We live only 2 blocks from the Cathedral Hill Hotel).
You got to go see Music Man Murray in Los Angeles. More hidden treasures than both Amoebas put together. Give him a call at 323-734-9146.
Record City in near the The Stratosphere hotel.
Thanks for all the responses! I'm looking for pop/rock stuff. Promos and first presses only.