Going to try a tube integrated.

This past week I was traveling on business and I ran across a audio dealer that sold Focal speakers. They happened to have a pair of Focal Sopra 3s connected to a Octave v80se integrated tube amplifier. Since these are the speakers I own, I had to sit down and listen. I was really impressed with the laid back presentation and nice warmth in the mids. I’ve always been a solid state guy.

So since then I have been thinking of getting a tube integrated amp a try. Another Focal dealer today told me that the VAC sigma 170i is a terrific match with the Sopra 3s as well, however, that particular dealer is not close so it is not easy for me to hear the speakers with that particular amp.

Is there anyone that can give me some advice on this? Thoughts on the VAC sigma 170i vs the Octave V80se? This is my first foray in to tubes so I don’t have a lot of experience.


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I have a pair of VTL Deluxe 225 monoblocks and full complement of KT90 tubes that I'm not using now if anyone's interested.