Going to Dublin - need second shop advice

Next month I'm going to Dublin. While visiting another country I like to see the best country/city can offer plus to rummage though the best high-end audio second shops to be found. Because Ireland is now according to Lonely Planet 2nd most expensive destination in Europe I'm expecting a lot of good deals. Are any Irish|Dubliner on that forum who can and would be willing to provide me with some names, addresses of good second shops with high-end audio in Dublin area. I would be particularly interested in, good turntable (like Linn for example). regards to you all.
The voltage in Ireland is 220 Volts, 50 Hz. How do you plan to use the turntable or any other audio gear in the US ?? Since it is the 2nd most expensive destination in Europe there are no "good deals". Everything is twice the US retail price.
That would be a problem, but I have moved to Europe. And since as you have noticed everything here is more expensive that will not be a problem. I have a lot of 120V/220V equipment, I'm using step up/down transformers. Besides I have double voltage Magic Audio conditioner so no problem whatsoever.