Going linear - The Luxman 507ux

No one panic, but I just picked up the last Luxman 507ux in the US. About 110w/ch with power meters. 😀

Ill compare them directly with my Class Ds at home. 

I guess we wouldn’t be audiophiles if we weren’t complaining about something, remote controls included. Lol 


As for better measurements, how would one extrapolate such results to actual preception of sound, which is different for every individual? 

First, we need measurements which show differences. Until then, correlating with personal experience will have to wait. This reminded me and I wrote about it here:

Quick off subject post but speaking of remotes: The Xfinity remote that has voice recognition and that lights up when you pick it up is first rate in form, function and quality in my opinion. Who would have thought it?
Hey Erik... how’s your Luxman sounding now, another week in?
+rockrider, I am also wondering.
Hi @rockrider and @jetter

Thanks for asking. Unfortunately I tore down my TV/stereo set up completely, and it too longer to put back together.

When Lily (the Luxman 507ux) arrived, I put her on a coffee table for the first few days because she wouldn't fit anywhere else. I ordered two three shelf racks, so I could put them side by side with the TV straddling them. That took me a while to get back together. The room acoustics are still pretty messy though, I have lots on the floor and the old entertainment center is acting as a big reflector.

Part of what took me so long in this is I really miss having a 5.1 for movies. I have all the extra bits except for a receiver, so I was thinking of putting the sub in between, using it as a center channel stand, and using the "separate" feature in Lily. I think however that I'm just going to have to give all those bits up for now, and hope some day in the future I can have the space for it.

What is helping is that the bass via the TV outs is really quite good, more than enough to annoy the neighbors. :)

In the mean time, Lily sounds pretty good. If I ever really finish getting rid of all this extra gear I may go back and attempt to do a direct comparison between her amps and the Class D's I was using before. That would be an interesting listening party, right?