Going linear - The Luxman 507ux

No one panic, but I just picked up the last Luxman 507ux in the US. About 110w/ch with power meters. 😀

Ill compare them directly with my Class Ds at home. 

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Quick off subject post but speaking of remotes: The Xfinity remote that has voice recognition and that lights up when you pick it up is first rate in form, function and quality in my opinion. Who would have thought it?
+rockrider, I am also wondering.
Hi erik, I haven't heard a luxman product since listening to a luxman receiver so long ago I won't mention when.  Even now I remember the great build quality.

I am a little surprised that you don't seem as enthusiastic about your new integrated as I had thought you would compared to your other amps.  I don't know why, but I thought you would experience a night and day difference. 
Thank you erik and astelmaszek for taking the time to explain your experiences with your amplifiers.  I had originally thought that each amplifier would have had much more of a sonic difference from each other than you have experienced. But I have read before that once you reach a certain level of quality the differences in amps are more of flavor than better or worse, which you have confirmed.

Enjoy it all.

ricevs, there are a number of us that would like to thank you for taking your time to write out the same message that has already been repeated 1,000 times.  The retention skills of posters who feel the need to stammer out the same message obsessively is suspect, as to assume the rest of us require this repetition of a simple message that takes ten seconds to understand.

riaa, I will be interested in your opinion of the 590 should you purchase it. What amp/pre are you using now?
yyz, you probably already know this, but unless you go out of the way to find a high maintenance tube preamplifier, there is no comparing the low maintenance cost and requirements of a tube preamp to that of a tube amp.  My tube preamp takes four small preamp tubes, two for the line state and two for the built in phono stage.

There is no biasing, you just plug in the tubes and you are done.  Inevitably you will want to try a few different brand tubes to flavor your sound to you liking.  But again, its basically plug in the tubes and you are good to go for years.  It may be what you are looking for.
Thanks riaa for the rundown.  Eirk,, I know you are not a pass fan, and I don't want to hijack your thread at all, so just one question for riaa.  The XA25 may be my next amp, probably unheard in advance but on a trial basis from Reno hifi.  So riaa, how do you rate the XA25 compared to your other amps?  
Take what I say with a grain of salt, I haven't heard any of the equipment being discussed.

But it looks like yyzsantabarbara favors higher resolving speakers such as the LS50 and 3F, and is choosing class A for its subtle excess of warmth sound over other classes of amps.
Also, my preamp (and I believe a lot of integrateds) has a second set of pre outs.  Very handy when you want to hook up a couple of sub woofers.
brostymie, will you be needing a step up or step down transformer in your country?  A good one costs a few but not excessive $ bucks.