***Going Insane***End Game Speakers***Harbeth Verity or Living Voice***

Had been enjoying the LSA Monitor 1’s driven by the wonderful little Quad VA-One tube amp for the last 6 months when a nice Christmas Bonus was turned into a gently used pair of Fritz Carbon 7SE’s just this week...Within 24 hours of setting them up I hit the slots for a neat chunk o change and if I moved the Carbon 7’s out I could afford either the Harbeth M30.2 Anniversary or the Living Voice Avatar R3 or a pair of Demo Verity Audio Finn’s...No way to demo either the Verity or the Living Voice...Amp likely will not change as I REALLY love the sound the little Quad amp makes so it’s 15wpc. would be absolute minimum power on the Harbeths,not to bad into the 8ohm/91 db.Finns & would probably rock the Living Voice at 94db.sensitivity..If I ever do change amps it would be for a SimAudio Moon 240i...
Room size is apx.12’x14’x8’,well treated and I value an organic,natural sound with good timbre,soundstaging & imaging..What do you guys think?

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freediver, we sell the little Quad amp and it is really fantastic howerver, you will definatly have some problems pushing less efficient speakers, however with that said the room size if pretty small and if you are close to the speakers you should be able to get to a decent volume level.

The Harbeths are a safe bet as they are very musical, the Living Voice speakers are very efficient we have heard them at shows and they didn't impress us. 

Verity speakers are excellent they image very well and are very well balanced they will sound in our opinion the best with the little Quad amp which may make the sound a bit too tubey with the Harbeths. 

Hope this helps.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ